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NBA Jam is coming back!


sources confirmed to ESPN that the new title is actually one of the
all-time classics coming back to consoles as EA Sports has acquired the
rights from the NBA to deliver an updated version of "NBA Jam" that
will ship to retail exclusively for the Wii.

For those too
young to remember, NBA Jam is a two-on-two basketball game that hit
arcades back in 1993 and instantly took the video game industry by
storm. The game (originally published by Midway) shattered all coin-op
records, and still holds the mark for most money earned at a single
location in one week.

I LOVED NBA Jam.  That game was the ish.  The arcade version let you play with Reggie Lewis and Kevin McHale!  Dee Brown was in all the console versions of the game. 

This is clearly the most exciting news of the decade.  Batten down the hatches.

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  • KY Celts fan


  • Dustin


  • I can’t believe I watched the whole clip without someone catching fire. That was my favorite part when they would say he’s on fire!!!!!!! and I recall a rumor that if you Goal tended five times in a row with Horace Grant that Michael Jordan would come in and sub for him. Amazing some of the things you’ve heard about the game and its awesomeness!

  • Al

    LJ and Zo were the best pair – both could Dunk something proper and both could hit the 3! Yeah I loved the He’s on FIRE!!! AS WELL……..AWESOME….

  • Spiraea

    Day after day, I find reasons to regret giving my Wii away. This is the biggest! 🙁 🙁

  • ridiculous that this is only coming back for the wii, release it to all consoles, it is positively the greatest game ever

  • He’s Heating Up!
    What about he cheat codes let you play as George Clinton, mascots and celebs?
    Stockton/Malone was a lethal duo.
    Wii only? wtf?