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League rescinds a Perk tech

Via A. Sherrod Blakely

The technical foul that's no longer on the books occurred on Nov. 14 at
Indiana. Perkins' technical foul count might drop even further if he's
successful in appealing his last two, at Golden State on Dec. 28 and at
Phoenix on Dec. 30.

That brings Perk down to 9.  He still needs to calm down a little, though.  I don't care if they get rescinded… that's still a point for the other team and, potentially, an ejection if you're not careful. 

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  • Al

    What happens to the tossers who hand these techs out – do they get any penalty? Any trends in this regard with certain referees monitored? Didn’t think so…..

  • Jason

    Exactly. Why does Perk have to calm down? These a-holes hand out techs that get rescinded constantly. Their biases and power-tripping are obvious. And they’re the ones that never get held accountable. If the refs started calling fouls that were fouls and non-fouls that are non-fouls (novel idea I know) instead of making up their minds based on star-power, reputations and grudges, then people getting constantly screwed, like Perk, wouldn’t have any beef to begin with and we wouldn’t be having these issues or debates.

  • Al

    Perhaps if referees got fined $500 for each rescinded tech, they might think a bit before handing them out for as u said ‘power trip’ techs. It’ll never happen but it’d make them think for a sec before giving one for Perk holding his hands up.
    Some refs don’t like being ‘shown up’ or embarrassed – all u gotta do is wave an arm and they T u up…

  • ssshady35 aka ANGRY TURK

    Also what about the tech foul shot that is taken. If the game is on the line that can make a huge difference. The refs should get find as well for making a bad call.

  • hurdler

    Isn’t this the 3 recind-ation for the team this year already, 2 for perk and 1 for sheed. Fines for refs who do this, noted on their evaluation, and Cs start the game with a tech shot next time the 2 teams play (and ref in error has to work that game so we know who he is).