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Your Morning Dump… Where Tony Allen feels as good as ever

Tony allen drive

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I haven’t felt a flow like this since the time I tore my ACL,” Allen
said after a 14-point, seven-assist performance that did much to drive
the Celtics’ 103-96 undermanned win over Toronto on Saturday. “It feels
good, man, it feels good, it feels good.”

Herald: Tony Allen makes most of chance

For those who don't remember or who weren't watching the Celtics back then… Tony Allen was the best player on the team when he tore his ACL.  It was January of 2007… the C's were in the midst of a 2-22 stretch as Paul Pierce sat with a stress reaction in his foot.  He had just come off a 21 point, 9 rebound, 7 steal effort against the Magic… his 6th straight 20+ point game. 

Tony Allen was ON…. FIRE.  So to hear that he's feeling anything similar to that now is very encouraging.  VERY encouraging.   

Remember… Tony's problems have almost always been in his head.  If his head is clear, then we're going to see good things.

Coming up, Page 2… Where Doc wants to beat one of his guys in a race

Photo by Fernando Medina/NBAE via Getty Images

"[The spin move was] old school — wow, that was quick," said Rivers.
"It's funny, we have a running joke. I race the guys once a year, and
we've yet to do it this year because I'm in horrendous shape and I'm
worried about pulling my Achilles or my hamstring, so we're waiting.
Rasheed was one of the guys I thought I could beat until I saw him run
in practice about two weeks ago when we had a little thing. I've given
up on him. So my target now is [Glen "Big Baby" Davis].

ESPN Boston: Racing Rasheed

That spin from Sheed was awesome… but let's not forget one key element to it:  It came against Andrea Bargnani.  And in all honestly, Chuck's 5 year-old could spin and get to the rim against Bargs. 

But still… it was a nice move.  I think it's funny that Doc thought he could beat Sheed until a couple of weeks ago.  Sorry to read too much into a comment here, but I think it just shows how much Sheed holds back.  If Doc was thinking he could beat Sheed… even in jest… up until a couple of weeks ago, then Sheed is holding back.

I know Doc is joking… and I don't want to piss all over a funny story.  It just struck me that way, that's all.  

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  • Lex

    MF is attackin’. I ask what point guard can defend him when he drives? Chris Paul. Who else? I’m not saying he’s unguardable. But it certainly raises an interesting dilemma for a defense. The main hope would be that once he gets to the rim, he can’t finish.

  • Lex

    Main hope if you are the defense

  • Um, Tony Allen isnt a PG, and just about any PG who can pressure up the court can defend him..
    Chris Paul could defend him? chris paul is not a good defender, he steals the ball

  • Lex

    Well, you make a point about different kinds of defense. Once the ball is up the court, someone will have to defend him, presumably the opposing point.
    At that point is where I raise my question. He is very difficult to guard in that situation. He’s proven that this year, and in the 12/30/07 game at staples.

  • Good to see TA getting some love. Guy has worked hard and almost always gets hated on, albeit usually deserved. Hopefully this confidence and solid play can keep going after the starters/marquiz get back. That would be solid rotation….and eddie is starting to catch fire lately. look out.

  • FSantos33

    Tony’s positive production benefits both parties (TA & Celts). TA is obviously healthy again, getting a chance to start while Pierce and Rondo are both out. He is feeling good about himself and getting the 07′ TA Swagger back. To me all this translates into a big audition for the rest of the NBA GM’s. Keep up the good work TA and showcase yourself maybe Celtics will keep you or if a good offer comes before the Feb trading deadline then Ainge will make a move. We’ll see.

  • i think its time you included tony in your row of celtics faces in your header!