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Your KG Face of the Day

Kg arm up

Monday, January 4, 2009

The "Hey… remember me? This is the KG face of the day… not every few days.  You think I make all these faces for my health?"

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • Bro Guy

    “KG Face” was cool the first month of the season bro… let it go. Retire the “KGFOTD” jersey.

  • Lex

    Or maybe it’s KG waving goodbye.
    I really, really tried not to be Bill Walton. Honest, I did. But that god damned jersey number f’d me over.
    You got one good season from me.
    Sorry gang.

  • Lex

    Speaking of which, they ought to retire that number when KG hangs them up.
    1. Get the number out of circulation so I don’t have to watch any more all time greats struggle against their physical limitations.
    2. Get it of of circulation so morons like john bagley and gerald green won’t wear it.

  • Lex

    John Bagley–the Butter Bean Sweetney of Guards!!!