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Case of the Mondays: I admit my fear of the Lakers


Mondays suck… even around here.  So we're taking time out on
Monday's to make ourselves feel better and rant about something that
pisses us off.

Lakers-hatred is embedded in my soul. It was planted there in 1980 and will never escape. You don't  recover from Magic Johnson's baby sky-hook in the '87 finals.

Don't mistake the hatred for disrespect. The main reason I despised Magic, Kareem, Worthy and co. were because they were so damn good. While I enjoyed the east coast vs west coast duels, deep down, I wanted the Celtics to play anyone else (i.e. Houston) in the finals because that increased their chances of winning. If that sounds like fear, it was.

That takes me to the 2009-10 Lakers. Granted this team has zero likeability (Magic was an ambassador, always carrying a genuine smile, while Kobe is a fake douche who charges fans to access his web site), they should be feared just the same.

Did you see what LA did to Dallas last night? They demolished the Mavs (arguably the 2nd best team in the West) by 35 points. Pau Gasol played just 7 minutes (hamstring).

At 27-6, the Lakers own the best record in the league. Yes, their opening schedule was home-heavy, but they also played 9 games w/o their second best player (Gasol) and currently own an 8-3 road record. Kobe is banging buzzer beaters at a record pace. You want defense? LA is the top rebounding team and second in opponents FG%.

A big part of my "realization" has to do with the current state of the Celtics. KG is an old warrior. This latest injury is described as minor, but whose to say another one won't crop up in the future? Even with a healthy Big 3, I don't like this team's killer instinct. Yes, they beat Cleveland and Orlando on the road, but this flip-the-switch style of play could bite them in the ass in the playoffs.

As of January 4, I don't like the Celtics chances against the Lakers. Should the Celtics advance to the finals, deep down, like I did in the 80s, I'm hoping they play against anybody but LA.

Editor's Note: Admission of the Lakers greatness will not prevent me from taking cheap shots at them in the near future.

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  • Quick, someone call the police, Chuck has been kidnapped and is being held at gunpoint by a Lakers fan.

  • FSantos33

    Chuck’s Melt Down; Take a chill pill bro there are 4 months of basketball to go.
    Chuck AKA Dennis Green

  • thetitleisours

    You forget one thing. The Laker’s do not like physical defensive teams. Boston would frustrate them big time. Bring em on!
    I do share the injury concern though. I am glad they are being careful with the stars. Father Time is nobody’s favorite relative

  • Lex

    Take a deep breath.
    We have to get healthy.
    We have to get through the East.
    The Lakers have to stay healthy.
    The Lakers have to get through the West.
    Until all that happens. F-U-C-< the Lakers!!!

  • Finn Green

    This is absurd… I hope the Celtics play the Lakers in the finals so they can prove theyre the better team, with more heart. Yea they’re hittin a rought patch right now, but that’ll make them better down the line. While I understand that the Lakers deserve to be respected, u have to beat the best to beat the best. I don’t want Boston getting any free passes in the playoffs, I want them to fight their asses off for that chip. I accept ur opinion, but all the same, im dissapointed in it…

  • Finn Green

    *beat the best to be the best (2 hrs sleep).

  • (smacks head)
    I leave Chuck alone with the site for ONE minute….. and this is what happens.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I am REALLY disappointed in this post. (Figures it would come from a disgrunted steelers fan after they are eliminated from the playoffs) but nonetheless I am in no way intimidated by the Lakers. Yes they just beat the mavs, but don’t forget the mavs killed them by double digits earlier in the season, and remember Christmas Day when the Cavs came into LA and were way more physical and once again the Laker frontline folds under the pressure. I WANT to play them in the finals and NO ONE else

  • Lex

    Is chuck the one who dreams about Pau?
    –ie the haunting my dreams post?

  • Lex

    BTW, no one was too worried about pau the day after he bent over and grabbed his ankles against clev

  • I seem to recall a certain recent football team that won it’s first 18 games but failed to take the title……

  • prefuse

    thank u chuck.. its true i dont know but whoever think lakers cant win is obviously blind.. i guarantee a repeat dont even bother arguing back. its true

  • Nora

    We all know how gauruntees turn out. Pretty much means it won’t happen. We all saw what happened last time the 2 teams were in the finals. When it really counts (in the finals) Celtics have proved they can beat the LakersThe only thing I see is a repeat of that beating.

  • KY Celts fan

    We may be a little banged up now. But remember, Bynum was out for nearly half the season last year. And none of the injuries that our boys have sustained are that serious. They’ll be back soon enough. Plus the Lakers don’t have Artest, just lost Gasol for some time, and have had 3 very lucky wins. If those teams had hit their free throws at the end, Lakers would be one game behind us. However, if Ifs and Buts were candies and nuts… wait how does the rest of that go again?

  • prefuse

    Lakers have them back now home boi. yeah , if ifs.. co cuc

  • prefuse

    The only thing I see is a repeat of the Celtics losing in the second round of the playoffs.

  • paul

    Too quick to judge. Come back at the end of the season.

  • DRJ

    If both teams are fully healthy, the Lakers will get wiped out. I’m serious, I don’t think they can compete at our level.
    But there’s a pretty good chance one or the other of these teams won’t make it to the Finals fully healthy. We all know our problems. And the way the Lakers treat Kobe… letting him play through injury after injury… it’s likely he will go down sometime this season. (If nothing else, his left knee must be a problem, after that time it moved into such an unhealthy-looking angle.) It’s weird, the way they take such chances with their one and only franchise player. But hey… no complaints here….

  • KY Celts fan

    Um, no they don’t. Pau just got another hamstring injury and Artest is still questionable.

  • prefuse

    Yeah hes injured, but hes not out home boi

  • WC

    Celtics wont make it past the second round. All steam, no fire.
    Others in the East are far more interesting.
    Lakers will battle injuries as well, but will make it to The Finals.
    Face it, folks…..the Celtics days are numbered. And the countdown is going faster with every day.

  • Check out Lakers fans reaction to the post.

  • THE Magnificent Bastard

    You precious ‘tic fans, yet again living in the past. Bird, McHale, The Chief and that little whining weasel Ainge are long gone. KG, Ray and Wheelchair Boi are about to join them. The Sheed experiment as well if he doesn’t go postal on the refs first…it’s all slowly decaying into the flotsam of ignominy.
    I do wish the ‘tics the best though. Nothing would be sweeter than dispatching them on the road to #16. Yet, I would be shocked if your gerriatric unit could even make it to the finals and there is no way they could withstand the Lakers. So let me shine some light into the darkness of your delusions: THIS AINT ’08.
    The problems and doubts the Lakers demonstrated then are 2-years gone and the energy and youthfulness of the Celtics has long since faded into oblivion. The only people holding on to those wistful thoughts are deluded Celtic fans thinking their team can somehow return to the single glory year and forget the intervening years and disappointments.
    Sorry to rain of your hopes for a parade, but Father Time stops for no one and right now he is pissing all over the ‘tics. Here’s wishing you many years of painful rebuilding.


    lakers will destroy the celtics for sure.

  • Basketball Fan

    “Wheelchair boi”? That’s classic. Did you all see how Charles and Kenny laughed when they saw Pierce’s Playoff Drama in game 1? No disrespect, he burned the Lakers, but didn’t need to go into the birthing position to do it.
    One thing I do find interesting is that when the Lakers decide to play – they beat teams by 20-30 points. Their offense is a full 3-4 points less than they were at last year, but their defense has improved 5-6 points per game. It’s pretty scary considering their offense will eventually shape up- but defense is what it is. Celtics have better defense – slightly, and are almost as explosively offensively. The rest of the league is not at the two team’s level. This is exciting. I just hope the injuries aren’t too severe for either team…

  • Lakers 24 7

    It’s not so much that the Lakers make Kobe play through his injuries, but Kobe wanting to play through his injuries. Dude’s a warrior. He knows right now is his chance to win titles, especially with the team he has now. He’s broken a finger on that shooting hand in each of the last 2-3 seasons, and if he had sat out, the Lakers probably wouldn’t have made back to back trips to the finals or at least had home court in the playoffs.