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The Devil and Daniel Ainge


and a half years ago, one Daniel Ainge met with the Devil in Boston,
Massachusetts. The fineness of that summer day would belie the great
and terrible events that would unfold in its wake.

the Devil said: “I will give you Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, but you
must agree to give up ALL your promising young players and draft picks,
and since I am a fair demon, I must warn you that if you do this, the
Big Three will eat up almost all your cap space, and you will not be
able to get more than one top-flight player for at least the next three

Danny replied: “I don’t give a damn.” (He was always eloquent.)

spat the Devil, smoke swirling around him. “But once before a member of
your clan bested me out of a contract, so I am not taking any chances
with you. I am giving you fair warning: though you may win a title in
2008, your top 4 vets in 2009-2010 will be quite old, much more subject
to injury than ever before, and at least one of them will be a little
nuts. No complaints later, got that?!”

“Yep. Do it, Devil.”

Danny signed the contract in blood, the Devil rose up and fumed: “You
will have one great year. God made me promise that (goddammit). But
wait till 09-10! I will have your soul yet, Daniel! You will beg me to
buy it when your whole team suffers injury after injury… which they
will, I assure you, because I have placed a block in the mind of Doc
Rivers. He will run your vets and your point guard to the ground, and
he will never use his youngsters when it counts or when he should. I
made sure of that, sir! Oh yeah, and I also made sure that, from time
to time, the whole team will forget everything they ever knew about
defense, that Eddie will miss every relevant 3 he takes, and Sheed will
turn useless at the worst possible times. Let’s see you win a
championship then! Ha ha ha!!”

was frozen with fear, but decided he must not let the Devil see it.
Walking away from the table, he turned and shouted: “Do your worst,
David… I mean DEVIL. I fear you not, for I have an ace up my sleeve
which you cannot touch because he’s not a Celtic yet. Stephon Marbury
will save us!!!”

the Devil chuckled. He chuckled again later that day, changing into his
earthly secret identity, when he remembered Danny’s mad shout. Then he
put on his glasses, and walked out to meet the press.

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  • CFH

    And yet, the basketball gods still favored Dan’l Ainge. Perhaps ’tis not strictly in accordance with the evidence, but even the damned may salute the craftiness of Mr. Ainge. Especially in the second round of the draft.

  • Bas Rutten Jr.

    The Devil and Daniel Johnston was a great flick.

  • Orb

    I’ll still take that deal. But it makes me wonder what the Clippers got out of their deal with the devil.

  • Clippers HA-HA (laughing like Nelson Muntz)

  • Jon with no H

    good call, that’s what I was going to comment on. I had never heard of him before I saw the documentary but it was great. Another good music related doc is Mayor of the Sunset Strip, about LA radio DJ Rodney Bingenheimer.

  • Lex
  • nick

    U 4got to mention how the devil summoned Doc Rivers into the room and insisted that he play the his son Brian Scalabrine at least 12 mpg

  • DRJ

    This was written right after the Warriors loss… you can kinda tell by the negative tone 🙂 Agree that Danny eventually got the best of the Devil… I think. But I forgot about the Devil’s son… thx for the reminder. They say the Devil (or his progeny) does not kill you with fire and brimstone, he bores you to death with nothing but zeroes on his stat line. 🙂 Thanks to all

  • Nora

    There is no ‘I think’ about it. Look at what the Wolves are doing. Enough said.

  • danny still has to be laughing that he gave up gomes and green instead of rondo and perk

  • Um we didnt give up the best young players on the team other then Al jefferson, and honestly why would anyone sit around cry about losing average young talent that helped us to the worst record in the league, and have continued to be losers, and in delontes case a nutjob, while Rondo, Perkins have blossomed into great players, and TA can still break an NBA rotation