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Your Morning Dump… Where Doc Rivers Gets Creative

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

With three starters sidelined for Saturday's game against the Raptors in Kevin Garnett (right knee), Rajon Rondo (left hamstring), and Paul Pierce
(right knee), the slumping Celtics needed to experiment with potential
lineups to ensure continuity — something they lacked mightily in
Wednesday's third straight loss to the Suns.

"We went two hours today, which is a long practice for us," said
Rivers. "A lot of it was skeleton, but we went over every single
[offensive] set with all different crazy lineups because we might have
those [Saturday] and we have to have some semblance of offense, at
least some continuity."

Players flipped back and forth from green (starters) and white (bench), but the most common green lineup (pictured here) featured J.R. Giddens, Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rasheed Wallace, and Kendrick Perkins. Those five are projected to start Saturday's game against Toronto.

ESPN Boston – Friday Practice Report

Lord help us. Tony Allen will be starting at point guard tonight against the Raptors. What's the team record for turnovers? Just kidding…

Congrats to J.R. Giddens who got all choked up yesterday when speaking about his opportunity to start an NBA game. We could debate why TA is starting over E-House and Lester Hudson, or why Doc is going with Giddens over Scal, but will it really matter?

Despite a sore ankle, Glen Davis expects to play a lot of minutes. The Celtics will have to pound the ball inside if they want to beat the Raptors.

On Page 2, Doc won't say when Kevin Garnett will return.

“It’s indefinite because we don’t know the date of his return, but it’s
not going to be that long,’’ Rivers said. “I looked at the schedule and
the days off, and thought this was the time to do it. It was a freak
accident and Kevin is as frustrated as anybody. He hyperextended his
knee twice – a freak accident. He jumped and he’s off his feet, someone
kicks you. For that to happen once is almost impossible, for it to
happen twice is bad luck…

Globe – Injuries Force Celtics to Make Lineup Changes

Last week, Doc pointed to Jan. 6 vs Miami as a possible return date. Now he won't even give us a date. Anyone else nervous?

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  • just put this match up in NBA Live 2010 and Celtics Loss by 22. when i put in the starting lineup in the XBOX 360 froze and a screen pop up and said “are you kidding me?” I don’t know if that is a good sign!!!!!

  • DRJ

    I’m singing “Bull shit makes the flowers grow, doo-dah, doo-dah….”
    This started with a “right thigh bruise” leading to KG sitting out on 12/22 vs. Pacers.
    Then, we know about his hard fall on Christmas, landing on his rear and reportedly hitting his head. His legs were taken out from under him that time. That COULD be one of the “hyperextensions” Doc is talking about. Problem is: there was no visible hyperextension. Anybody see it? I didn’t. He landed hard, sure… but hyperextension?
    Whatever these 2 KG incidents are that Doc is talking about… I think it’s all news to the rest of the world. Maybe it happened in practice (yeah, sure). Or maybe this is what it smells like: total BS about injuries from the Celtics, as usual.
    I think though, despite all the BS we’re getting thrown at us, that KG will probably play vs Miami. Doc is right about the schedule looking good for an extended break at minimal cost (in games missed), so that part of the story – that KG’s injury is not serious, but they wanted to give him an extended period in which to fully heal – is consistent with reality.
    Tonight should be a very interesting game… the most since Orlando. And it’s gonna be make-or-break time for some of our new guys. (I’m rootin for ya Lester!)

  • Celtics Fan

    Gee, we are gonna lose. You know how old the Celtics are, and they cant compare to Cavs, Lakers, Magic and we are gonna lose to Raptors cause KG’s legs are so brittle now, Pierce is too, and Rondo is sitting out because he does what KG and Pierce do, and without them, he is worthless, he cant rack up assists cause the rest of the team is full of scrubs.

  • Double P Reppin the B

    I see the trolls are trying to stay hidden now. Great disguise genius.

  • tukka

    Hilarious picture to go along with news of a starting line up that makes me want to cry. Silver lining? LESTER TIME!

  • Jack

    I hear Davis is out for tonights game! Didn’t feel right during shootaraound this morning….
    UH OH.

  • Green8Teen

    Haha are you seriously trying to pass as a Celtics fan with the name “Celtic fan”? And then basically say they aren’t that good? We
    beat both the Cavs and Magic. Lakers have lost to teams we have beat and blown out. Stop talking out of your ass and trying to be clever. You suck at it. They are the top 2 teams in the league. End of story.