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Pierce had a second procedure

Pierce spoke today.

Celtics forward Paul Pierce spoke to the media for the first time since
undergoing what he detailed as a pair of surgeries to drain fluid from
his right knee, including a previously undisclosed operation on
Christmas Day.

Pierce said he remains day-to-day and will travel with the team on
its upcoming three-game road trip that begins Wednesday in Miami.

"I'm feeling better, feeling pretty good," said Pierce. "Right now
it's day-to-day, I can't put no timetable on it, but the positive thing
about it is it's been feeling better, showing improvement every day."


And this from Gary Dzen     doesn't sound much better either

said he cannot even bend his knee fully. He hasn't started jogging.
He's working more on getting the swelling down than coming back.

Jeeeeeeeez.  Can't even bend it fully??  What the hell happened?  How do you go from a great game to waking up with swelling that needs to be drained twice?


Doctors did not officially determine the source of the infection, but
they speculated it could have come from a cut he got on his toe in the
locker room last Tuesday.

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  • KY Celts fan

    Can we please just have some full disclosure? First it was two weeks, then maybe joining the team in the road trip, now he can’t even bend it fully? And KG is out for another 10 days? Some shit is happening or Ed Lacerte is just bad at his job and not giving proper care. what the hell?

  • wow…
    this cores window is closing, they better get healthy and with it this year

  • KY Celts fan

    if they can’t at least stay healthy this year, there’s no chance of winning anything next year. Gotta make it count now!

  • DRJ

    A cut on the toe leading to a knee infection… that needs drainage?? O boy, that’s a good one. Tell you what… maybe it was a Martian came down and injected Martian bacteria into his knee while he was sleeping. WHATEVER. Quit bullshitting us, ok?
    The best understanding so far is that PP needed routine drainage for an undisclosed chronic knee issue, and that earlier drainage procedure caused an infection. That he needed more than one drainage to help clear up the infection is NOT surprising… the knee being so closed, it’s hard for antibiotics to do their thing there. So multiple irrigation/drainage procedures are sometimes necessary.
    But all that’s just conjecture. We don’t really know. It’s a big, dark secret. Like it matters if they tell us. Whatever boys, whatever.

  • C

    hey dumbasses. Its REGULAR SEASON. let em miss time. Pierce was almost drained last year after playin all 82 without a bonafide backup. 1,2,3 hell 4 seed it dont matter. Nobody wants to see our defense.

  • C

    thats jus how i feel…. and it was good to get a look at lester hudson and JR giddens. (not really blown away by either) although i think hudson has some upside Giddens looks like he might be out the league soon. why didnt Bill Walker play? I thought he was supposed to be good too…..
    TA, House are gonna be ill off our bench. Too bad we had to say bye to Powe. but shelden is a gritty dude like Powe. Scal is Scal. As long as he isnt playin major minutes like last year im fine. Marquis Daniels is the X-Factor this year. Hopefully he has that ill taste Wade left in his mouth cpl years ago