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KG out 10 more days?

RedsArmyAdmin January 2, 2010 Uncategorized 4 Comments on KG out 10 more days?

Via Chris Forsberg's twitter

Doc says KG could be out another 10 days.

Here's the quote:

"KG's still 10 days, maybe, I don't know," said Rivers. "I have no
idea, I honestly don't. There is some history with hyperextended knees
that we kind of know that it takes at least two weeks, sometimes three.
We know it won't be longer than that, but we don't know how quickly.
There's a history there — not with [Garnett] — but with league

Sigh….. here we go again.

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  • It’s ok. All that means is that he won’t play in an All-Star game and get to really rest up before the playoffs.
    I feel like I was telling myself the same thing all last season.

  • At this point, I hope it’s just a little extra precaution.

  • DRJ

    I can take a shot a this, but really, it doesn’t matter. He’ll be back this time, I’m pretty sure. But just “pretty sure”, because you never know what these guys are hiding from us. No really… could be ANYTHING.

  • I get the feeling we wont see KG until after the all-star break…