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Allen Boys Shine in Win Over Raptors


No KG, no Paul Pierce, no Rajon Rondo… no problem. The Celtics beat the Toronto Raptors 103-96 tonight, ending their three game losing streak and Toronto's five game winning streak.

Ray Allen lead the scoring with 23 points, one of 6 Celtics in double figures.

Tony Allen had a fantastic game – 14 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds. He attacked the basket all night and his 9 free throw attempts were a game high.

Rasheed Wallace (16 points, 6 rebounds) and Perk (14 points, 10 rebounds) played extremely well in the paint. 'Sheed and Turkoglu were hit with technical fouls after they got tangled up under the boards in the 2nd quarter.

Off the bench, Glen Davis (15 points) and Eddie House (12 points) fueled the second unit.

The Raptors made a run in the 4th quarter, but they couldn't get any stops. The Celtics kept attacking and scoring.

Chris Bosh had the quietest 25 points and 9 rebounds I've ever seen. I'm just not impressed with this guy as a leader. 

J.R. Giddens had two points in 20 minutes. I was impressed with his defensive energy, but he was too hesitant on offense. Lester Hudson had 5 points in 12 solid minutes.

TA played a great game, but he's not a point guard. Am I crazy to think the offense looked smoother with Hudson running the point?

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"TA is at his best when he doesn't think," – Donny Marshall

After the jump, pics of the Truth cheering on his boys.



(Photos by Brian Babineau/NBAE via Getty Images)

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  • Definitely agree on the point about Bosh. Scary that he puts up those numbers but his game is just not memorable.

  • I hate to pick on the guy, but is he capable of taking over a game? I’ve never seen it…

  • KY Celts fan

    Bosh will never be a team leader or a winner on his own. That’s why the offseason is going to be crucial for him. Pair him with Lebron or Wade, and you got something special.

  • what u say about bosh is KGs career in minnesotta in a nutshell, other then his best season of his career in 2004…but i digress
    Great great team win for the guys that suited up, impressive win, but the bottom line is KG reaggravated his knee injury and pierce has recently had 2 knee procedures….that sucks

  • DRJ

    Doc seems too tough on Lester… said post-game that “most” of Lester’s passes were “home run” attempts. I saw a couple (maybe 3) of those, but no more. Thought he did an excellent job running the point overall, the only one who did. Hopefully Doc can get him the way he wants him… then maybe we’ll have the backup PG this team needs.
    Yeah…JR had a lot of energy and hustle, but just REFUSED to shoot the ball too many times. Then when he did shoot, finally, he seemed nervous and missed. Kid has potential, but seems like Lester has more.
    Next time any of our starters comes out sleepwalking through a game, hit em in the knees, sit em down, and put some young guys in. They’re so HAPPY to be playing, they play their hearts out… and energy and hustle do win games, often making up for some disparity in actual talent.
    Great game, of course. But there were many times when Rondo’s absence was very, very obvious.

  • G4L

    Did anyone else think that TA’s lound dunk looked eerily similar to the one where he blew out his knee? I kinda made a loud gasp when he fell to the ground!

  • Gaffer

    Nice job predicting the score.

  • zippittyay

    Not that I dont want to see more of Lester Hudson play, but shouldn’t Tyronne Lue be kept ready to come in and contribute if Rondo is out for any length of time?

  • KY Celts fan

    KG was a leader of that team though. Pushing the franchise to places it had never been before, with little help, and carrying the team on his back. Bosh hasn’t shown anything near this. He’s a good on offense, but lazy on defense. Not at all KG.

  • paul

    I see so much potential in Lester Hudson. Also, I cringed when TA went down on that dunk. He needs to cut that shit out. Overall, great team basketball tonight, you could tell they practiced big time for this game

  • Jon with no H

    agreed. I did a quick search and KG went to the playoffs five times by the time he was 24 (which Bosh was last year) while Bosh has only gone twice in his first 7 years in a weaker Eastern conference. Not to mention KG had three All NBA teams to Bosh’s one and two All Defensive teams to Bosh’s none. Bosh = a more athletic (and more well-liked) Zach Randolph.

  • agreed! and yes i was thinking the same thing

  • KG has been a better leader in Boston, but give me an ounce of evidence he was a good leader in minnesotta, actually any reports were quite opposite, he hated his teammates, got into fights, phsycial altercations with more then 1 etc…KG is indeed the better defender, has been his whole career, Bosh the better offensive player, but theyre similar in some ways, and KGs days in minnesotta are eerily similar to Bosh now in Toronto, Bosh needs more help and isnt gonna win anything by himself.
    And its not hard to take a team theyve never been before when its an expansion franchise who never had over 20 wins.
    Hey i like KG im just not a homer about him, he never won a thing in minnesotta, put up great stats on Good/Average/Bad teams, only out of the first round one time and missed the playoffs 3 condecutive years in his prime

  • I dont know if this factored into your research, but didnt KG come into the league at a younger age then Bosh, making him have more time to accomplish indivudal goals by the time he was 24?
    Another thing KG accomplished was putting the league in a lockout after signing at the time the biggest contract in the history of sports

  • Al

    U bag the SHIT outa KG any chance u get…when he was shooting 70% for a month or so earlier – instead of saying something positive – u went for the negative….’it won’t last’ angle….of course it won’t last but u can’t say something positive about him….
    Comparing KG to Bosh is ridiculous….you’re just a hater.

  • the “it wont last” angle was 100% right, and i believe i did give him the credit, if not here then somwhere else, he shot the ball very efficeenly in that stretch.
    And how exactly is comparing KG and bosh ridicoulous? you act like KG is tim duncan, when in reality he came from a losing situation similar or even worse then Boshs and never won a thing for 12 years until he was a celtic.
    Im just being realistic and dont wear homer glasses when it comes to KG, to think i dont like him couldnt be any further from the truth

  • Lee in Oregon

    Hudson looks ALOT like a 2-guard to me, he wants nothing to do with bringing the ball up-court or playmaking. If Toronto wanted to win tonite, they shoulda pressed Tony Allen- they let him walk it up.
    Comparing Bosh to a young KG? Not even close. KG played defense in ‘SOTA. KG and “Timmy” will go down as 2 of the best ever…..guys like Bosh and Amare are great scorers, but not on the same level as KG and Duncan. Bosh is one of the most over-rated guys in the league as far as stars. If you want to compare him to Zach Randolph, thats cool, but Zach never youtubed himself into an all-star selection.
    Fun game tonite watching Ray Allen, but remember this was against a team with one of the weakest defenses in the NBA.

  • nick

    KEEP PLAYING THE GID. J.R played solid D and made some great passed that LED to assistes. His production will keep getting better, even when Pierce and Queezy come back, this guy shouldn’t be relegated to the pine anymore. 10 man rotation starting 5 plus Giddens Queezy T.A Baby and Sheed. use House in an emergency, Scal only plays if somebody dies. Did anyne see the trivia about who led the Celts in scoring in the 90’s? Holy fucking crap it was Reggie Lewis the dude only played 3 years that is insane, him an Len Bias would equal 18 titles WTF wish they never died, Lewis could deff ball though, he was like T.MAC Josh Howardish, Len Bias mighta been the G.O.A.T badddd luck

  • FSantos2008

    Overall great team effort and we got the win that’s all it matters.
    Two things stood out for me tonight:
    TA got his swagger back (Prior to knee injury swag’) It was a long time ago but most of us remember when he used to be the go to guy before the injury and trades.
    Sheed’s spin, drop step and dunk in the 4th… fat boy actually moved tonight. Good job.

  • zauer

    True, KG and Timmy will be the 2 greates PFs ever. KG stats in his prime are in top 10 in league since NBA ABA merger. He led the league in efficiency 6 or 7 consecutive years. He’s the only one with above 20-10-5 for 6 consecutive seasons (Larry Bird is second with 5). He did it all with below average players around, and whe he finnally got one chance with Cassell and Spree (still Tragic Johnson and Trenton Hassell in starting 5) he came up with amazing season, won MVP and who knows how it would have ended if Cassell hadn’t got hurt in playoffs. KG always plays great against Duncan, and always destroys Bosh. Actually Holinger put KG on second place in top 10 players of the decade only behind Duncan (Kobe 3rd, Bosh not on the list). So please don’t ever compare KG to Bosh. It’s not about being his homer or hater, it’s about basketball knowledge

  • CFH

    I wouldn’t want to see the Celtics do that unless the situation was MUCH more dire than this.
    Presumably Lue already works out with the team and is somewhat familiar with the plays in case he is called upon.
    But the team already has a 15-man roster. I wouldn’t want them to buy someone out or trade him for nothing so Lue could have a spot over a few weeks in January. That’s a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

  • CFH

    Chris Bosh: born 3/24/84. Drafted in 2003 at age 19.
    Kevin Garnett: born 5/19/76. Drafted in 1995 at age 19.

  • Fair enough
    But other then 2004 KG put up big numbers on bad teams, he missed the playoffs 3 years in a row in his prime and only got out of the first round once
    gonna find a way around this?
    Hes very similar to Bosh

  • CFH

    Nope, no way around that. I think there are superficial similarities between KG/Bosh: among the elite big men of his generation, stuck on a bad team in a small market, would rather facilitate than be The Man All The Time.
    But I think KG was the better player and better leader at the same age.

  • I actually agree KG was the better player at 24 then bosh is now, no question…
    Better leader? he certainly is now, I wouldnt exactly say that about him in Minnesotta…I dont see Bosh suckerpunching Turkoglo

  • Al

    Well said Zauer and everyone else! We’re well aware you’re not a KG ‘homer’ Totheruins – you’re also not accurate with your comparisons.
    KG is being ranked as one of the players of the decade by numerous buffs and you’re ranking him way down there with Chris Bosh…….pffffttt. I bet u moaned when he donated 24 houses to Hurricane Katrina cos they didn’t have cable….

  • Al

    By the way – Great win by the C’s – terrific effort by the Allens, Wallace showed up when it mattered and didn’t shoot us to death and good effort by BBD off the bench too…

  • Al

    Hated his teammates? He had a fight with one guy in 12 years, – you and I would probably have a fight with one guy in 12 years of practises…ask Mark Madsen what sort of teammate he was, Terrell Brandon, Marbury, any of them….he dogged Wally from time to time for not playing D…
    KG’s days are eerily similar to Bosh? Except he made the playoffs every year bar the last 2!!!!! Bosh?? mmmm not so much….but u keep comparing them…
    By the way it ain’t me comparing KG to Tim Duncan and Kobe etc – it’s all the experts…
    And wait sorry KG came from an ‘even worse’ situation than Bosh. Your deluded…

  • I like KG, I think KG in his prime was better then Bosh is now
    But their careers are similar and they are very similar players, as a matter of fact when they went head to head when KG was still in Minny Bosh dominated KG
    and yeah, he got into altercations with teammates, and certain teammates did hate him, while others like u said were close to him..
    And KG missed the playoffs 3 straight years in his prime, and only made it out of the first round 1 time…these are unrefutable facts

  • To the ruins – the difference between kg and bosh is that kg and always has been a superior defender, kg and bosh have similar offensive games in fact bosh may be a little bit more talented offensively than kg, but he is a virtual nonfactor on the defensive end, whereas kg has always been a first team all nba quality defender
    i loved what i saw from giddens last night on the defensive end and liked a lot of what i saw on the offensive side too; anybody can figure out what is wrong with giddens on the offensive end of the floor, he is playing skittish when he gets the ball because he is afraid of making mistakes and being taken out of the game; but on the flip side he moved well without the ball and a few times made a play for his teammates, hopefully more playing time will bring a shooters mentality and take the hesitancy out of his game on the offensive game