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Your Morning Dump… Where Perk feels persecuted

Perk and sheed

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

According to Perkins, in Wednesday’s game, he said nothing to official
Monty McCutchen, who told Perkins to stop complaining. McCutchen began
yelling at him, according to Perkins, who responded, “Why are you
talking to me like that?’’ Official Zach Zarba then called the
technical on Perkins.

“They are allowed to scream at you
like you are their child, huh?’’ Perkins said. “It ain’t nothing that I
can’t stop, so it’s just something I’ve got to control and do a better
job. Obviously these last two just wasn’t my fault, so I’ve got to do a
better job of controlling myself.’’

Wallace, Perkins is amassing “reputation technicals.’’ It’s one thing
if Allen gets upset, but when it’s Perkins, officials have a shorter
fuse, especially when he looks so unpleasant during games. Perkins said
he isn’t going to change his demeanor.

you don’t know me by now, from when I start the game to when I finish
the game, there’s always a frown,’’ he said. “So it’s not like I am
changing my emotions throughout the game.

Globe: Technically, he has problems

Sometimes, when you're a young guy like Perk, you have to realize what's happening and back off a little.  Go back a little and try to earn the right to talk to the refs.  Kevin Garnett says all sorts of outlandish stuff to referees (and in general on the court, really) but he's earned a little leeway.  

The bottom line here is Perk doesn't have much choice.  He's been in the league a few years, but he's only recently become a legit player.  He needs to know that refs have a definite "don't talk to me like that you scrub" attitude about getting lip from lesser players.  In the time where he should have been earning a right to get a little animated with refs… he was building a rep of being a hot-head. 

Coming up, Page 2… Where Danny's treating KG like Pedro Martinez

"Let's say you have Pedro or Curt Schilling, and they're used to
pitching 250 innings a year and going into the season you want them to
pitch 180 or 190, maybe miss three starts and be fresh for the
playoffs. That's what I'd liken it to."

Globe: Ainge's analogy for the ages

It's funny… we come into the season saying things like "I don't care if they rest a guy here and there… miss a game or two just to keep them fresh."  Then when they do… we freak out a little.  

Granted, if we felt like everyone was being up front with us, maybe we'd be a little calmer.  If we're resting guys like Pedro and Schilling were rested… fine.  If it's more than that… then not fine.

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  • Dianne

    I see a real danger having Rasheed around Perk. If Perk picks up some attitude from ‘Sheed he’s going to get worse. Hopefully KG is the one who rubs off on him in the end.

  • KG is no choir boy either… but the refs let him get away with a lot more than some other guys do. I’ll bet if Perk said all the same things to the refs that KG did, he’d have 20 techs by now.
    But I see your point… Sheed is much more of a hothead than KG. At least, that’s the perception… which is all that matters

  • AGreed, KG is as bad as anyone in the league all time as far as trash talking, cussing, bad mouthing, but he tends not to direct at the refs, but they do allow him to get away with things sheed and perk never could..
    I fucking hate how the refs treat perk, its disgusting, but sometimes he does just need to shut up, and learn not to set moving screens well hes at it..hes in a little bit of a slump

  • I wonder what kind of father figure this guys had? If I said something to a ref or umpire or any offical my father would have jacked me up so fast on the court or field my head would spin. Because I didn’t augue with refs I got a lot calls in my favor when i played college ball. I still get calls playing 3 nights a week of reck ball (Competive reck ball guys playing above the rim and on parole) . If there is a rare time i say something to a ref it starts with sir and ends with sir. Grow up you are a pro act like it. how many techs Russell, Wilt, Ewing, Hakeem, the chief, Moses have? I bet perk has beaten them all combined lifetime. Can someone check that? sorry guys that augue anger me!!!!

  • I wouldnt pin this on perks parents, and im not so sure its something to be proud of that your father would have “jacked you up” had u talked to an official.
    Part of his reputation with the refs is earned, but theres times where the techs are ridicoulous.. i mean look how KG acts on the court…like a buffoon really, any other player does what he does, they get ejected from close to every game..
    Perk and sheed have legitmate gripes half the time they complains, but they gotta control that, sometimes it doesnt matter cause the refs are lookin to t these guys up

  • Jason

    I’ve been reading a lot on this site of commenters being fed up and wanting Sheed and Perk to chill the F out. I’m actually on the players’ side. I’m not saying they are being smart about it, but it’s the refs really. They are power-tripping, red-asses. Perk is a defensive force, but gets called for cheap fouls constantly. He sets killer screens and so they whistle him. It’s not his fault he’s a wall of muscle. On the offensive end, people are allowed to maul him with no calls. This doesn’t happen to Howard or Shaq, but it does to Perk. I’d be just as fed up and feeling persecuted as he does. The refs are ruining this league.

  • it’s called teaching your kids to repect the officals!!!!!if more people did that we would have less problems!! Go play in traffic….if you want to complain, Say sir and talk don’t yell! and yes i am proud that my father taught me respect you AS$CLOWN.

  • How is child abuse teaching your kids respect?
    And what are you, a psychologist? yeah im sure Perks father( if he even had one, who knows) was gonna “jack up” a 6’10 beast of a kid in high school who was set up to makes millions of dollars in the future
    Doesnt make any sense, but yeah okay ill go play in traffic

  • a psychologist? No I’m a Nuclear Safety Inspector, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

  • JD


  • Dianne

    That’s all well and good to say Jason the refs definitely have their problems and many calls are influenced by their biases but that isn’t going to change. These guys have to just learn to control themselves even when the refs are calling bogus fouls – bottom line. They have to THINK (not say) that the refs are KG’s favorite saying (MF-ers) for a few seconds then let it go and get back to focusing on the game.