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Gidddens may start

RedsArmyAdmin January 1, 2010 Uncategorized 8 Comments on Gidddens may start

According to Jess Camerato

J.R. Giddens expected to start tomorrow vs #Raptors. #Celtics

Hmmmm… interesting choice.

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  • thetitleisours

    Wonder which JR will show up? The one that can get lots of rebounds or the one that disappears?
    Without a contract he better show something this year

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • Double P Reppin the B

    at point?

  • nick

    Thank fucking god. Giddens is as good as T.A or Marquis Daniels right now! The dude is a stud, point blank, alot of these fools cannot see it because Doc is a retard who dont play him, J.R is an easy bet for 15 points and 7 boards all day, this guy will be VERY useful to our team, the C’s needa play him and fuck off with the Scalabrine bullshit, 28 minutes last game no pints 4 boards, like wtf is he even in the league 4?? This shit makes me sick maybe doc finally knows what hes doing now

  • So he’s starting in place of TA?
    Or is Tony going to play point? Not suggesting they do this, but it’s a possibility.
    Eddie at point?

  • CFH

    I assumed it was Tony at the point.
    Let’s go JR!

  • DRJ

    If JR is in and Rondo out, PG duties will have to be shared between TA and Ray, assuming no other changes to the starting 5. That’s the most likely setup. Doc is in general a pretty conservative guy; he likes to go with what he knows.
    There’s no way JR gets PG duty, no way in hell. The guy has shown nothing in that area, and that’s not in his skill set, so it’s unthinkable.
    The only player who has shown us flashes of real PG brilliance has been Lester… but it’s unlikely he gets starting duty, ’cause he just came up from D-League and Doc hasn’t built enough confidence in him yet. But he still has more potential as PG backup than anyone else currently on the team, and that fact may lead to him seeing more serious PT Saturday. Hope so.
    Doc’s making some progress. He went from overplaying Ray and Rondo and even PP, to Saturday’s lineup… I see that as progress. Now… if we actually WIN on Saturday… I’ll see that as a friggin MIRACLE. But ya never know… miracles do happen. TA’s doing a pretty good job, isn’t he?

  • KY Celts fan

    I believe you’re wrong. I expect a giant goose egg from Giddens tomorrow.