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RedsArmyAdmin December 31, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Your KG Face of the Day

Kg grimace

Thursday, December 31, 2009

The "OWWW… My KNEE!  No wait… it's my thigh.  No, no, no… is it my shin?  DAMMIT… I wish Danny would hurry up with that script so I know what I'm supposed to say."

Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

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  • FSantos33

    Sheedddddd!!! Shut the F up they’ll T you up again.
    Bad News Sheed won’t shut the hell up about the Refs.
    Not only Sheed is a 3 pt chucker and out of shape now he
    is saying publicly he is going to read the Tim D book. This
    is not going to help the team.

  • nick

    Just a hypothetical glimpse to the future, but I feel like its safe to say that Ray won’t be back here next year. I luv his game but I don’t think its very smart to bring 3 guys in their 30’s all back for another year and u already know sheed kg pierce are all back so that leaves Ray on the outs because of his age. Would the Celtics have the money after giving Rondo his deal, to sign Rudy Gay? I’ve been watching this guy play I have the league pass, and he reminds me of Tracy McGrady from 5-6 years ago, hes so athletic and he’s a awesome shooter plus he can just break your ankles and go right by u then throw down a powerful dunk. I’ve heard the Wolves and Clippers will go hard after him, but for me he would be the ideal replacement to take Rays spot and he would take alot of pressure of Pierce and K.G. Rudy Gay Rondo Perk, Baby draft pick from next year and Walker and Giddens could be a decent young core to surround KG PIERCE and Sheed with, because we’ll be too old if we bring back Ray. Also this years draft will be HUGE for Aige to get us a young talent who can contribute within a year. We never use Giddens who was are last first round pick so we cannot let that happen again, Ainge has a solid track record drafting besides Giddens and possibly Gerald Green but I cannot blame him for taking Gerald.

  • paul

    This is just , a horrible time right now for the Celtics. Just thinking about the last couple weeks make me want to puke. The only cure for this bullshit is a new year’s wish for a full roster for the 31st. We need to crush the Lakers in a month

  • whats the obsession with rudy gay? hes one of the biggest ball hog, no fundamnetal mental midgets in the league