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Third round of All Star voting released

The 3rd round of voting results is out… and it looks pretty much like the first two rounds.

Forwards: LeBron James, Cleveland, 1,579,530; Kevin Garnett,
Boston, 1,317,739; Chris Bosh, Toronto, 644,473; Paul
Pierce, Boston, 320,499; Josh Smith, Atlanta, 293,680; Andre
Iguodala, Philadelphia, 201,312; Danny Granger, Indiana,
198,478; Michael Beasley, Miami, 163,737; Hedo Turkoglu,
Toronto, 117,168; Rashard Lewis, Orlando, 114,359; Caron
Butler, Washington, 99,079.

Guards: Dwyane Wade, Miami, 1,539,968; x-Allen Iverson,
Philadelphia, 806,749; Vince Carter, Orlando, 651,134; Ray
Allen, Boston, 452,708; Gilbert Arenas, Washington, 407,581;
Derrick Rose, Chicago, 344,435; Joe Johnson, Atlanta,
288,841; Rajon Rondo, Boston, 237,648; Mike Bibby, Atlanta,
139,484; Jose Calderon, Atlanta, 138,479.

Centers: Dwight Howard, Orlando, 1,479,625; Shaquille
O'Neal, Cleveland, 536,681; Al Horford, Atlanta,
157,050; Andrea Bargnani, Toronto, 146,595; Brook Lopez, New
Jersey, 133,106; Andrew Bogut, Milwaukee, 115,915; Jermaine
O'Neal, Miami, 98,397; Rasheed Wallace, Boston, 77,848;
Kendrick Perkins, Boston, 48,612; Samuel Dalembert,
Philadelphia, 47,135; Tyson Chandler, Charalotte 38,337;
Brad Miller, Chicago, 35,295.

Out West, Steve Nash is finally about ready to overtake Tracy McGrady and move into a starting guard position.  Now if only the same could happen to Allen Iverson.

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  • Al Horford..?? Sure, he’s a good player, but 157,000 something votes..?? Granted, I know Perk and ‘Sheed aren’t exactly loved by those outside of CelticNation, but Perk is having a phenomenal year. By the way, check out:
    (quick plug).

  • nick

    Nobody seems to be noticing a disturbing trend brewing in L.A, Kobe is back to his old ways of jacking up 30 shots per game, every box score I look at the minimum he’s taking is somewhere in the 24-26 range, wtf? That is insane, they have artest gasol and bynum not 2 mention odom on the bench, how does he get away with that? I feel like he is the alpha dog and they are all afraid to say anything to kobe, L.A is so talented that they will do fine in the regular season and maybe even in the early playoff rounds by letting Kobe dictate everything. But against a Pheonix or Denver or San Antonio in the west playoffs, i think they could be in for an upset, I mean cmon honestly they didnt deserve last years finals they took the backroads without K.G bein there and they know it. But for a team with a bunch of superstars, even though those stars aren’t on the c’s level isn’t it weird for one guy to dominate the shots so much? Pierce and Ray I’m sure would like to do the same thing but they know team ball gets u a ring and they have to consider Rondo Perk KG and Sheed, Kobe though, hass full authority to do whatever the fuck he wants and even the 3 big men are horrified of him. Its insane and they are heading for a massive failure come playoff time and then Kobe is gona bitch and demand trades and all kinds of insane shit, just watch..the dude is a drama queen between him and odom and artest they cannot keep it together through June.