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The new Celtics theme song

Hey Celtics… you talk too much.  Stop it with the refs already.  A lot of us are getting really sick of it.

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  • other then Rondo and Ray, yea this entire team talks and complains entirely too much, including the head coach

  • FSantos33

    Especially Perk he needs to chill the hell out. He is definitely on the refs shit list… sheed’s been on that list for years.

  • beasley rease

    its absurd how much this team talks. To the refs, to the media. Agreed, enough already.

  • Pierce probably talks to the refs even less than Rondo and Ray.
    He used to talk all the time but has almost stopped entirely.

  • Wouldnt agree with that at all, Pierce complains to a ref nearly every time he touches the ball and it doesnt go his way
    ray and rondo, i dont even see them complain to refs period

  • That couldn’t be farther from the truth.
    You would be right a couple of years ago… Watch him this year though.
    And Rondo does complain… did so several times last night. He just does it by glaring at the official as opposed to talking.

  • Pierce has two technical fouls this year. One was for staring at Bosh after a dunk, so that has nothing to do with the refs.
    Rondo has 1 technical.
    Also Pierce went had a career-high 12 technicals in 2004-2005.
    The next year he changed. He had 0 technicals in 79 games in 2005-2006 and his totals have been low ever since.

  • Youre telling me to watch rondo complain by simply looking at an official, maybe u should wathh pierce, im not talking about technichals, he makes faces and says something to a ref after every non call…similiar to lebron or kobe