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Enemy Chatter: No wounded tiger bounce for the Celtics

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Phoenix.

No Wounded Tiger bounce for the Celtics tonight. Without KG, Pierce, Davis and Daniels and with a gimpy Rondo who had no interest in attacking the rim the Suns should have won this game. And they did win this game.

Coach Doc Rivers
kind of disagreed but then talked himself out of it, "I expected to
win. I think we pay everybody. As long as you do, you have to come in
with the expectation to win..This was very difficult to win. They're a
good team. So this game doesn't affect me at all."

Bright Side of the Sun

Given the fact Kevin Garnett was back in the hotel and Paul Pierce
is still sidelined with a knee problem, the temptation might be to
affix an asterisk to this romp. Between them they are nearly 40 percent of the Boston offense, and Garnett is the heart of the Boston

But none the real focus of this one should not be on how tired and
hurting the Cs were but on the ongoing evidence it provided that the
Suns have recovered from their mid-December funk and are once again
looking like the 14-3 team that was the talk of the league in November.

Suns Blog

“It's a win over the Celtics. We'll take it,'' Phoenix coach
Alvin Gentry said. “They don't really put an asterisk by it and
say Kevin Garnett wasn't here, so we'll take it any way we can get

Associated Press

There was no Kevin Garnett or Paul Pierce in green to help stoke the
Suns' fire, but the East's top team was enough. "We've got to come as
if Pierce and (Larry) Bird and (Kevin) McHale and (Bill) Russell and
all those guys will be out there," Grant Hill said before the game.

Arizona Republic

If only the Celtics wouldn't carry that attitude into games, they might not lose to the Sixers, Clippers and Warriors.

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  • FSantos33

    Yea, Suns got us last night. We had a 9mm they had an AK47; who wins that gun fight. A win is a win and we’ll remember this.

  • I dont know why we need to remeber this, we wont see the suns again until next season, and I found grant hills quote pretty funn, and the suns did play like that out on the court, theyre a good ball club, not good enough to win a title, but they really hustle out there on both ends for 48 minutes, Gentry is doing a nice job with em