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Fryed in Phoenix

Chuck - Red's Army December 30, 2009 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Fryed in Phoenix


Channing Frye and Amare Stoudemire torched Boston for 26 points each as the Phoenix Suns pounded the undermanned Celtics, 116-98.

The Celtics were without the services of Kevin Garnett (and Paul Pierce and Glen Davis and Marquis Daniels but who's counting injuries?), who due to a hyperextended knee will not play until Jan. 6 (vs Miami).

The Suns raced out to a 14-point 1st quarter lead thanks to the hot shooting of Stoudemire who made his first 8 shots. The Celtics cut the lead to 9 early in the 3rd quarter, but could get no closer.

The Celtics defense was porous. They also allowed Phoenix 12 offensive rebounds and ?? second chance points.

Frye had as many 3s (6-10) as the entire Celtics team.

Anyone else frustrated with Rasheed Wallace? He laid a giant egg tonight – 6 points on 3-11 shooting. 

The Celtics needed a big game from Ray Allen and he failed to deliver. 15 points on 4-13 FGs won't cut it when KG and Paul are out of the lineup. Eddie House lead the team with 19 points.

Perk had a decent game – 13 points, 7 rebounds – but picked up another technical foul. He's gotta stop bitching to the refs.

Rondo played 32 minutes on a sore hamstring. He appeared to have tweaked the hammy in the 3rd quarter but Doc allowed him to return to the court. He finally pulled Rondo with 7 minutes left in the game and the Celtics trailing by 19. I would have preferred Lester Hudson played the final 12 minutes.

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"He's gotta grow up,"Doc Rivers on Perk's 10th technical foul.

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  • NineSevenEight

    Scal, Scal, Scal. Scal’s line? Laughable. 23 Mins, ZERO points, 4 Rebounds, 6 fouls. I just have a question. If Scal wasn’t in the paint grabbing rebounds, where was he? Could he have helped on Frye who went unguarded the ENTIRE game at the 3PT line.

  • KY Celts fan

    I don’t drink, but this past week makes me wish I did.
    any word on Daniels return? This team hasn’t played one game with the whole team healthy yet. I’m getting anxious as to if it’ll ever happen.

  • Jason

    Even with the injuries this game was winnable, despite the score. Suns made everything. C’s missed everything. Refs were horrendous as usual, though again still winnable. It’s been frustrating watch this team miss open shots (Ray, House, Scal, Wallace), miss FTs and all the other pathetic play.

  • Al

    I have Wallace and Allen in Fantasy and they’re dead set killing me, I can’t remember the last time Sheed shot more than 50% in a game…

  • what the hell is ainge doing? rondo is hurt to semi hurt and doc cant even really think about sitting him because there is no one capable of playing backup point guard on the bench
    their are plenty of serviceable backup points that could be had easy, heck travis denier of indy, the only suiting up chris quinn has done this year has come from his flashy custom made suits he sports sitting on the bench, heck utah traded their first round pick-a point guard- to OKC for cash considerations, the point is that their are plenty of point guards out there that could help the celtics right away, sergio rodriguez, acie law, royal ivey, ronnie price, luke ridnour, steve blake, patty mills, aj green, ronnie price…. for the love of God just get someone, i dont know how much more i can stand of eddie playing out of position and looking like a total schmuck
    hudson and giddens looked the best they have in all of their garbage minutes this year, im not sure why they even are allowed to take the trips anymore as little as doc plays them, seems like an unnecessary expense

  • CFH

    I only saw the first half, but I give a lot of credit to the Suns. Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire are good at what they do offensively.
    Considering how many players the Celtics were missing, the game didn’t bother me much.
    What did bother me was the constant Kobe gushing in the pregame. He was the closer even when he played with Shaq! He’s the toughest guy in the league because he says he plays with pain! (Nash, the guy the C’s were actually playing, had had his back held together with spit and nail polish for years, but he doesn’t brag about playing with pain, so maybe he’s not so tough?)
    I want some shameless homerism and Kobe bashing! Or at least a lack of praising Kobe for stuff any elite pro athlete does.

  • Who cares…Celts didnt deserve to win, noone played good…my god the effort was terrible