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Celtics/Suns Game Preview

Chuck - Red's Army December 30, 2009 Uncategorized 4 Comments on Celtics/Suns Game Preview


Celtics (23-7) at Suns (20-12)

Game time: 9pm U.S. Airways Arena; Phoenix. TV – CSN, NBATV. Radio – WEEI-AM (850).

Team Leaders

Bos: Pierce – 18.2                  Suns: Amar'e Stoudemire – 20.3

Bos: Perkins – 8.0                  Suns: Stoudemire – 8.5

Bos: Rondo – 9.7                    Suns: Steve Nash – 11.3

Who'll go off:  With Paul Pierce out and KG and Rondo questionable, I'll have to go with Ray Allen. With a depleted roster, the Celtics will need Ray to go off, if they want to keep this game competitive.

Who needs to be stopped:  Jason Richardson. Nash and Amar'e will get theirs, but the Celtics need to contain Richardson. He scored 34 points (6 threes) in the first game at Boston.

The C's will lose if…  their second unit falls flat. Phoenix has a deep bench – Dudley, Barbosa, Lopez, Dragic and Amundson dropped 52 points on the Lakers. The Celtics will need big games from Eddie House and Rasheed Wallace (provided Sheed isn't starting for KG).

Wildcard:  Phoenix is sky high coming off a 118-103 thrashing of the Lakers Monday night. The Celtics are rock bottom coming off two losses to the Clippers and Warriors. Can the Celtics really lose a third straight game?  

Prediction:  Phoenix 107 – Celtics 101  

After the jump, some spectacular photos of the Suns dance team. Let me rephrase, some photos of the spectacular Suns dance team.




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  • LakersYo

    very modest of you predicting a loss, most blogs never think their team will lose and I like that this blog is actually real

  • nick

    In a game we have NO BUISNESS winning and we trailed by double digits the whole game. Scak plays the entire SECOND HALF?? are u fucking shittin me!!! We have 2 young talents Giddens and Walker on our Bench. No pierce no Daniels and no Baby, and the minutes go 2 scal?!?!? Doc is A fucking moron, hes got no clue about how to help nurture young talent and strengthen a team 4 the furure. SCAL plays the whole second half, really? Not only is he stunting Giddens and Walkers growth, but it ain’t like that fat piece of white trash scalabrine can help us in any way shape or form win any given game. Like is Doc serious when he does this shit? WTF is his deal with scal? he cant shoot rebound or defend, he’s an average passer o.k, and as I type this with 6 minutes left in the game Giddens goes in WOWWWW, Doc finally has some sense knocked into him. This shit has gota stop I recommend Ainge cuts scal 2 save Doc from killing R season

  • NineSevenEight

    I’m surprised you guys didn’t have the write up written before this game was played. And Scal’s line? Laughable. 23 Mins, ZERO points, 4 Rebounds, SIX fouls. I just have a question. If Scal wasn’t in the paint grabbing rebounds, where was he? Could he have helped on Frye who went unguarded the ENTIRE game at the 3PT line.

  • rav

    I think that the Suns dance team is the hottest out of all the NBA (miami heat come close second)