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Turnovers Can Kill

Chuck - Red's Army December 29, 2009 Uncategorized 27 Comments on Turnovers Can Kill


Thanks to 25 turnovers, the Celtics lost to the Warriors, 103-99, their second consecutive road defeat to one of the worst teams in the league.

The Cs had another tough night from beyond the arc: 5-19. I'm too tired to tally the number of threes taken in the 4th quarter, but it seemed like too many.

Trailing by 3, the Celtics had possession with 6 seconds left in the game. Refusing to get burned by a 3, the Warriors fouled Ray Allen. He
made the first and while purposely missing the second, he failed to hit the rim. Possession – Golden State. This play kinda summed up the night.

Monta Ellis scored 37 points on 15-26 shooting while playing all 48 minutes.

Rajon Rondo scored 30 points and dished 15 assists.

The Celtics got very little from the bench (15 points). Glen Davis suffered a mild ankle sprain early in the 4th quarter and never returned to the court.

Chalk up another 4th quarter technical foul for Perk.

Box Score

"You're a role player, play your role… keep your mouth shut… you're not Kobe Bryant, you're Ronny Turiaf." – Donny Marshall after Turiaf complained about a call.

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  • Matt

    Thank goodness the Lakers lost.

  • im not going to get to worked up about this one, what i am going to get worked up about is listening to chris mannix on the postgame show pointing to rodnos bad defensive performance.
    really dipshit, youre going to point to the kid who had 30 pts and 15 assits? welcome to celtics nation buddy! you will fit right in here, where everyone but rondo gets a free pass!!
    Well im not going to sit here and say rondo playerd great defensivly, i am going to say, why the fuck isnt Tony allen guarding Ellis, and Rondo guarding stephen curry? Ellis has scored over 30 in his last 6 games, so it wasnt unusual, while it is unusal for rondo to score 3o, montas defense is pathetic…oh and where the fuck was help defese at the rim?
    The refs have been terrible in these last 2 games, worse as theyve been all year, and this is the first time im willing to complain about it…terrible
    Hey at least Kevin garnett added 16 pts and almost double digit rebounds this time around…

  • Oh and i just remembered we led this game by 18 fucking points at one point
    what happened?
    rondo sat on the bench after an ankle tweak and wham the warriors took the momentum and never let it go…. pretty damn bad loss but we’ll live

  • FSantos33

    Turnovers were bad but what really manufactured this lose in Oakland tonight? Anyone? A. Turnovers B. Refs C. Doc Rivers
    Drum Roll please…… FUCKING DOC RIVERS!

  • why exactly does this matter?

  • DRJ

    I have never, ever laughed as hard during a game as I did watching KG and Perk jumping up and down on those last inbounds. Just TOO funny. But a great idea! (Warriors got lucky that that moron Radmanovich made a great pass.)
    – great Q1 then a throw-it-to-the-other-team party thereafter
    – refs totally sucked even worse than usual
    – TA was mostly very good
    – BBD was good
    – somebody fire the damn line editor for CSN… was it 3 or 4 times that they showed an ad or a replay or some other crap as the live play was happening on the court??
    Btw… a ref actually changed a call after a coach (Doc) argued his case in this game! Can’t remember that ever happening before. But he changed it TO THE WRONG CALL! See?… told ya… funniest game of the year.
    25 TOs… can’t win with that. Certainly don’t deserve to win, bad calls or not.

  • DRJ

    It doesn’t. Not one bit

  • I tend not to get on doc rivers much, but why he continued to leave rondo on a bad ankle/hamstring whatever the hell it was on one of the best scores in the league inestead of tony allen is beyond me , especially with the huge offensive burden rondo now has without pierce (noone on the team can create their own shot)…they even had another undersized player on the floor with ellis at all times so it would have worked out….bizarre

  • JC

    I said the same thing when boston lost, but that is not the point. Both teams played horrible. At least you guys can play competitive without a top player like PP. I don’t know how we would do without Kobe! Weird night tonight both LA and Bos went down!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    Yeah he had 30 pts and 15 assits but you can’t tell me his defense was good. How is this team successful? Defense. We need a better effort all around on defense and rondo does not get a pass because he played well offensively against a team that I could probably put up double digits against.
    It’s pretty evident that we are really missing Pierce, tony allen does great things for us but in set pieces down the stretch when you need good execution and spacing having tony out there kills that, which is why he was out most of the late game. We absolutely fell into the trap shooting way to many 3s when we have a size advantage inside.
    That leads me to one more thing that really bothered me, KG could not take advantage of radmonivic guarding him almost the whole game, he couldnt even back him down in the post. This was really bothering me and I don’t get it.

  • Hey i agree rondos man defense left alot to be desird tonight…but where the hell was the help defense?
    And its hard for me to sit here and blame him for much, especially considering ellis has scored over 30 in 12 of his last 20 games and 6 of his last 7….pretty normal for him..
    and yes! KG just is not playing well, and it frustrates me more then anything when the celtics fans baby him and refuse to even see that hes playing badly
    the man couldnt take advantage of radmanovic…this is actually what opposing coaches think around the league right now, this guy flat out not only doesnt demand a double team, he cant even back down a smaller guy then him, who is known as one of the worst defenders in the league.. hes not playing well on either end of the floor

  • Al

    Actually 16-9 ain’t bad for 28 minutes which is all Doc had KG in for….agree about the 2nd qtr run – Doc fucks that shit up too much…I had a bad feeling about this game – we struggle with tiny tim teams and that’s the 2nd night in a row we’ve been killed at the PG position – BDiddy with 24-13, now Ellis with 37 on 15-26…not Rondo’s fault though…blame the help I reckon…

  • DRJ

    Small additional problem: Ray once AGAIN played 44+ minutes. Doc has said he’s got to get his minutes down to something reasonable… and he needs to do it already. It’s worrisome.

  • Ya know i didnt come out and say it, but the first thing i thought when Baron Davis hit that buzzer beater last night was “oh shit now theyre gonna lose tommorow”
    for whatever reason that losing swagger seems to linger after a loss out west

  • thats a bad stat, but with paul and marquis out and close games, kinda cant blame him

  • Matt

    Oh I’m happy for redsarmy’s sake, no trolling tonight.

  • DRJ

    Agree… problem is, it’s happening every game lately. Gotta cross our fingers….

  • NineSevenEight

    THANK YOU! I couldn’t BELIEVE they cut away from critical plays on the floor not once, not twice, BUT THREE TO FOUR TIMES!
    And where was the post play, really? First quarter was a thing of beauty, so what’s the logical thing to do? Go away from what’s working which this team does TOO often.
    It was Ray and Rondo and everyone just waiting for something to happen. And when that didn’t work-JACK UP A THREE! WOO!
    And BBD getting mauled (and injured) on the way up with the no call was my favorite of the night. Everytime the C’s got within three…….

  • Ohhh okay okay..yeah makes sense

  • Eh, its all Doc had him in for because quite frankly KG cant handle much more.
    and 16-9 aint bad until u realize paul pierce is out and his production needs to go up, not down, and that he was being defended by undersized, weaker guys then him the entire night.
    Not bad – for a role player

  • SorryMan

    At least the Lakers lost to the Cavs and the Suns
    LMAO you lost to the clippers and the warriors…

  • DRJ

    Sorry guy, but your team would drop dead without Kobe. That’s their biggest flaw. And the way Phil’s been running Kobe ragged… through injury after injury… you better watch out. The only good thing for you tonight was that at least Kobe played less than 40.

  • this means absolutly nothing

  • DRJ

    I am not getting into a conversation with you, moron troll… but for our benefit, note that the Lakers have lost in at least 4 blowouts:
    Dallas 10/30 (94-80)
    Denver 11/13 (105-79)
    Cleveland 12/12 (102-87)
    Phoenix 12/28 (118-103)
    Boston has never been blown out.
    Oh, and one other thing… LA is going to lose a LOT more games before this season is over. You heard it hear first.

  • DRJ

    “heard it hear”… cute.

  • JC

    I agree with you 100 percent! I almost want us to take kobe for about a couple weeks and see how we do, we have thr talent without kobe but…….yeah I agree!*frustrating*

  • Al

    SO TTR KG is now a role player?? FFS – u may not like the guy I dunno – he obviously isn’t the same player as he was before the knee injury, or he’s still recovering but don’t worry bout that….
    Sure he used to put up 22-12 year after year – if u had a logical brain you’d know the C’s don’t use a system which lets him do that…he gets his shots inside the offence they use and that’s it – It drives me insane too at times – the guy is shooting like 54% on the year yet they don’t go to him enough. As for rebounding, he’s averaging something like 7.5 per in his 33 mins a game – he used to get 12 in his 40 mins a game – to be honest that ain’t that different – do we see 15 rebound games from him? Nope, not often but in Minny he didn’t have a Perk getting 8 a game or Pierce/Rondo getting a good chunk too.
    Get off the KG hate train – your comments are always Rondo biased – u have excuses ready for whenever he doesn’t front but bag the shit outa the big 3 whenever they play poorly…..