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The 10 Worst Celtics Moments This Decade

It was quite a decade for Celtics fans. While we've enjoyed a great deal of success over the past few seasons, lets not forget the misery we endured for the first seven years of the decade.

Here's my list of the worst Celtics moments in the 2000s. If you agree or disagree, let us know in the comments.

Vin  10. The Vin Baker Trade – July 2002*

The Celtics acquired the former Univ. of Hartford star and Shammond Williams for Kenny Anderson, Vitaly Potapenko and Joe Forte. At the time, Baker was coming off two subpar seasons and had 4 years, $50 million remaining on his contract.  Baker struggled mightily with alcohol and weight issues. He was released in 2004.

Rick 9. Rick Pitino's Rant – March 2000

"Larry Bird is not walking through that door, fans. Kevin McHale is not walking through that door, and Robert Parish is not walking through that door. And if you expect them to walk
through that door, they're going to be gray and old. What we are is
young, exciting, hard-working, and we're going to improve. People don't
realize that, and as soon as they realize those three guys are not
coming through that door, the better this town will be for all of us
because there are young guys in that (locker) room playing their asses
off. I wish we had $90 million under the salary cap, I wish we could buy the world. We can't; the only thing we can do is
work hard, and all the negativity that's in this town sucks. I've been
around when Jim Rice was booed. I've been around when Yaz was booed. And it stinks. It makes the greatest town, greatest city in
the world, lousy. The only thing that will turn this around is being
upbeat and positive like we are in that locker room… and if you think
I'm going to succumb to negativity, you're wrong. You've got the wrong
guy leading this team.

The exclamation point on Pitino's crappy tenure in Boston.

Auerbach_red-custom 8. Red Auerbach Dies  – Oct 2006

patriarch of the Celtics franchise dies of a heart attack at age 89.
His resume is unmatched – 9 championships, 938 victories, the drafting
of Larry Bird and the deal that brought Robert Parish and Kevin McHale
to Boston.
It's a shame Red didn't get to enjoy the 2008 championship.

Tony_allen_injured 7. Tony Allen's Knee Injury – Jan 2007

was enjoying the best season of his career before shredding his knee on a dunk
attempt after the whistle. He was averaging 20 points and 5 rebounds
game in the month of Jan. He hasn't been the same since.

6. The Joe Johnson Trade – Feb 2002

GM Chris Wallace ships the rookie Johnson (along with Randy Brown, Milt
Palacio and first round pick) to Phoenix for Rodney Rogers and Tony
Delk. It was a decent trade at the time, since Rogers and Delk helped
the Celtics reach the Eastern Conference Finals. But that team was
blown up a year later, while Johnson went on to become one of the games
top shooting guards.

Raef  5. The Antoine Walker-for-Raef LaFrentz TradeOct 2003

Unhappy with Antoine's style of play, Danny Ainge moved the brash young forward (along with Tony Delk) to the Dallas Mavericks in exchange for Raef LaFrentz, Chris Mills, Jiri Welsh and a first round draft pick. During his three seasons in Boston, LaFrentz earned $28 million while averaging just 8.9 points and 5.5 rebounds.

4. The 2001 Draft

With three first round picks, Chris Wallace selects Joe Johnson, Kedrick Brown and Joe Forte. While Johnson became a star, Brown and Forte turned out to be gigantic busts. Wallace passed on Tony Parker, Gerald Wallace, Brendan Haywood, Troy Murphy and Richard Jefferson.

Kevin_garnett_knee_injury 3. Kevin Garnett's Knee Injury – Feb 2009

Hopes of repeating as champs faded as Kevin Garnett injured his right knee in a game against the Jazz. The mystery surrounding the extent of the injury further complicated the situation. KG made a brief return during the regular season, but he was unable to suit up in the playoffs. The Celtics were ousted from the conference semis by the Orlando Magic.

2. The 18-game losing streak – Jan/Feb 2007

The lowest point of an embarrassing 24-win season. When the Celtics beat the Bucks on February 15, 2007 to snap the franchise record losing streak, the home crowd gave them a standing ovation.

Ppstab 1. Paul Pierce Gets Stabbed – Sept 2000

On September 25, 2000, Pierce was stabbed 11 times in the face, neck,
and back and had a bottle smashed over his head while at a Boston nightclub. Amazingly, he returned to play all 82-games that season. If Pierce doesn't survive that attack, who knows what would have happened to the franchise this decade.

* Editor's Note – This list has been altered since its initial publication. Vin Baker has replaced John Carroll as the 10th Worst Moment.

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  • You failed to mention that if the Joe Johnson trade went down the way Phoenix wanted that it would’ve been Kedrick Brown who went to Phoenix. The Celtics refused and they agreed on Joe Johnson instead.

  • I’d put Red’s passing at #1 and I’d have to include the 2006 Draft Lottery (turned out fine, but that moment was terrible)

  • sorry, meant to say 2007 lottery

  • Tony Allen’s injury was worse than Red’s passing?
    Other than that, I like the list.
    Chuck have you received the email I sent you?

  • Porky Appleyard

    I put the 2007 season at #1. I was “this close” to literally voiding in my Celtic mug at one point.

  • Braz

    I think the death of Reggie Lewis could have made the list. Definately, a tragedy.

  • Braz

    Sorry…missed the “…This Decade” at the top of the article. My bad!

  • AboveTheRim

    2007 season sucked but Pierce was hurt all year and you saw the strong foundation being built w/ Perk, Rondo, Big Al Jefferson, Tony A and who didn’t think Gerald Green was going to be a star? That was an exciting team to watch. Sure they’d lose every game but only by a bucket or two and they had a ton of promise (as evidenced by Rondo, Perk and Al Jefferson’s All-Star caliber play)
    At the time, getting the 5th pick and missing out on Oden or Durant was crippling. Like an anvil to the nuts crippling.
    And how did Vin Baker not make the list??? (shudders)

  • Jimmy

    Not a bad list, but obviously the major flaw is putting Red’s passing at number 8. How is that not like top 2? I dont know how you can put that as less worse than tony allen’s injury… this website is called Reds Army for a reason.

  • adubson

    Paul Pierce getting stabbed?
    Reggie Lewis, Heir to the Dynasty, died and the franchise basically dying with him should be numero uno.

  • KY Celts fan

    read the title again.

  • DRJ

    “This Decade”

  • OMG..I completely forgot about Vin Baker!
    He needs to be on this list…I’m going to make him #10.

  • Here’s my logic on Red. He was 89 and there was nothing sudden about his death.
    It may sound callous, but his death had very little impact on the team.

  • Starting to think you’re just stealing my stuff… lol

  • Joe

    Red died. Although he was 89 we wanted him around forever.Would have loved to see him June 17th 2008.

  • Jesse

    What about the pacers series where pierce gets tossed and Perk misses the FT’s?

  • Dennis

    Jerome Moiso…….

  • Jimmy

    But didn’t his death have a major impact on Celtics fans? We had to endure that misery. There was a ceremony at Boston’s City Hall for the man after he died. He represents everything the Celtics are.
    I think it definitely had more of an impact on Celtics nation (pre Garnett-Allen era when actual fans were really suffering).
    The 18 game losing streak would be my number 1, and Red would be my number 2. I tihnk the losing streak was the lowest of lows.

  • < !DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN">
    To me, the Pierce stabbing was the obvious number one. The cornerstone of the franchise nearly died that night. Plus the incident had tremendous shock value. That kind of stuff rarely happened to local athletes in Boston.

  • Silverlock

    And where exactly is getting the # 5 pick in the 2007 draft. Sure it turned out great, but that felt like the low moment for the franchise.

  • BigMck

    But if we get that #1 pick…do the other dominos (Ray trade, Garnett deal) fall into place?
    At that very moment it was a low point, but in the big picture, it was a blessing.

  • No Nickname

    Danny turned Jiri Welsh (trade to Cavs for #1 pick) into Rajon Rondo (from Phoenix for Cavs #1). And the 1st round pick from Dallas in the Antoine trade got us Tony Allen. So Antoine + Delk = Rondo, Allen, and LaFrentz. I’d say that skews it as a win for the C’s and NOT a 10-worst moment!
    Unfortunately Danny turned Raef + #5pick (Brandon Roy) = Sebastian Telfair + Theo Ratliff (both from Portland). Ugghh.

  • Might not be as high on the list as some of these, but for me personally it was a huge bummer when Cous was dropped from the broadcast team. To me, it demonstrated that CSN didn’t grasp the significance of having commentary from a basketball genius and legend like Cous.