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Enemy Chatter: Ronny Turiaf’s swagger is off the charts


I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers
are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose
of 'enemy chatter' from Oakland.

"The force was with us," coach Don Nelson said. "It was a wonderful
game for us. Wins are hard to find, especially against two quality
teams in a row. We were ready for a bear, and they gave us everything
they had."

"C.J. (Nelson) was as responsible as anyone for the win," Nelson said. "He
played the coverage of Ray Allen beautifully. They run so many good
things and set so many great screens. What a job C.J. did chasing Allen

"It feels awesome," Turiaf said. "My swagger is off the charts right now. I feel like I am the lucky charm."

S.F. Chronicle – Just Like It Was Drawn Up

Rondo was the only live body the Celtics had offensively. About
Rasheed Wallace: Umm, did he drink embalming fluids before the game?
Tony Allen, too?

But even at his best, Rondo is in no way capable of matching Ellis
shot for shot. Just not going to happen, and his teammates were checked
out midway through the third quarter, so it was just Rondo.

Kevin Garnett couldn’t beat Vladimir Radmanovic on the post? Yikes. I hope KG was tired. For his sake.

San Jose Mercury News – Tim Kawakami

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  • FSantos33

    I must say Ronny and Vladimir played very hard with a chip on their shoulders. You can see it in their eyes they wanted blood; It was their own little revenge after after losing to us two years ago in the finals.

  • Shouldnt have lost that game i dont care which way u put it, and i dont care how hard ronny turiaf or vladamir radmonovic play, theyre easily 2 of the biggest scrubs in the league.
    Oh well it happens in an 82 game season

  • Ehh…thats going a little out on a limb to say the least…Dont think radmonocic really cares about those finals, and even if turias does, hes a scrub…
    Also, we’ve played the 2 knuckleheads since then, this wasnt the first time they played us

  • DRJ

    Funny thing is, both those guys played for the Lakers when we got #17.
    Chip or no chip, Rad plain stinks. But… he had one very good play: the hail mary that ended the game. Turiaf is better than Rad (not saying much). He can be useful in a gross kind of way, I suppose.

  • DRJ

    Sorry FSan… missed that you already said that about the Lakers. It’s silly enough to bear repeating anyway 🙂

  • FSantos33

    Any injury report on BBD yet? Did he tweak his ankle or knee? I watched the Bay Area broadcast they didn’t have much input on it.
    Should the Celtics try to trade for T-Mack? It will be very difficult for the salaries to match up but if it did work do you think T-Mack can turn a new leaf on a winning team and change his old ways or he is just a taller version of Iverson a whiner and selfish player…..

  • FSantos33

    No problem

  • Rad plain stinks, everyone knows this
    I wouldnt say his best play was the hail mary pass, because that was rather idiotic to be honest, luckily for them it worked out.
    The Bum actually defended KG pretty well…which speaks volumes about how KG is feeling right now

  • DRJ

    BBD said he couldn’t walk on it after the game, was wearing a boot. Figure 7-10 days, at best.
    I thought about TMac for a second. But nah… too expensive, too dangerous, too weird. Not a Cs kind of guy, imo.

  • FSantos33

    I think this is the best KG can play. People likes to say “For Now” he’ll play better but I think it’s permanent.

  • Nora

    Based on what? A week or 2 ago KG was doing fine.

  • He was making his jumpers, that was the biggest difference…KG cant create his own shot and isnt getting double digit rebounds, and no offense but his defense has dropped drastically in my opinion, to the point Kendrick perkins has to guard the other teams best big man every night.. and also based on the fact that hes played 40000 minutes in his career, and many more minutes then all time greats who fell off long before his plateau, is coming off a knee injury, le de da, why do some of you really think hes gonna come around and peak in his mid 30s after being in the league 16 years?

  • FSantos33

    What ToTheRuins said.. we don’t like to hear it but really all he has left are his Jumpers and vocal leadership.

  • DRJ

    I consider Don “No-D” Nelson one of the worst coaches in the NBA. I’ve heard from some of his players (indirectly) that he barely does any coaching at all these days. Couldn’t believe when they re-signed him. And in his comments, he’s pretty full of himself – and shite – when he says “they gave us everything they had.” Yeah, we gave you everything alright… every MISTAKE we could think of. Puhlease Nellie… enjoy your last few months as a coach.