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Andray Blatche sure gets embarrassed a lot

RedsArmyAdmin December 29, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off

Man… Andray Blatche keeps getting embarrassed in spectacular ways.  Last night, it was Jamaal Tinsley dribbling the ball THROUGH Blatche's legs on his way to the hoop (via Ball Don't Lie)

Last week… it was Ryan Hollins' turn.  All Hollins did was make Blatche sniff his jock as he posterized him. 

And of course we all remember Ray Allen making sure HE got a chance to bang on Blatche. 

Hey Andray, here's a little bit of advice the next time you see someone coming.

Get out of the way.

You're on YouTube so much they're about to name the site after you.

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