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Rondo Chokes, Baron Davis Doesn’t

Baron Davis drilled a 22-foot jumper at the buzzer to give the Clippers a 92-90 win over the Celtics.

Davis's clutch shot followed two misses at the free-throw line by Rajon Rondo. It was a heart-breaking finish for Rondo who had put forth another solid performance – 20 points, 9-16 FG, 6 assists, 2 steals.

I have one gripe. I thought the referees put too much time on the clock after Rondo was fouled. To me, the clock showed 1.2 or less when Rondo was fouled by Davis, but for some reason the referees decided to give the Clippers 1.5 seconds. That extra half-second gave Davis the time to make his shot.

The Celtics had leads of ten a couple times in the 3rd quarter, but could never put the Clippers away. Twice during the 4th quarter, they had leads as large as 5, but again, the Clippers just wouldn't quit.

The Cs had a critical defensive lapse leading 90-87 with about 20 seconds left. Baron Davis penetrated into the lane
(and wisely passed up a wide open lay-up) and kicked it to the corner
where an open Rasual Butler nailed a game tying three pointer with 8.5 seconds on the clock.

Prior to that play, the Celtics were playing some solid defense. They got two big steals from Tony Allen (10 points, 10 rebounds, 4 steals) in the final few minutes, but had trouble making shots. 

Rasheed Wallace had a terrible second half – 0-6, including one missed dunk. All 8 of his points came from the post in the 1st/2nd quarters.

The Celtics shot 1-12 from 3.

The Globe's Gary Washburn says Perk and KG had a heated exchange late in the game.

Chris Kaman (27 points, 12 rebounds) is a damn good basketball player.

Box Score | Recap

Photos from the game, after the jump.





(Photos courtesy: NBAE/Getty Images)

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  • NineSevenEight

    Love Rondo…but THAT was the best defensive contest after missing two CLUTCH FTs? His hand wasn’t anywhere near BD’s face! And before TTRs gets to it, KG and Perk were terrible. Kaman with 27, after the stingy D in ORL? UGH! Why can’t the C’s win in LA v. the Clips??!!

  • Double P Reppin the B

    oh Rondo and his free throw woes… very annoying game to lose although if the refs had given the right time remaining which was less than 1.5 seconds this would not have been a loss

  • NineSevenEight

    Good point. Definitely was between 1.2-1.3. DEFINITELY NOT 1.5, but that’s the way it goes sometimes and Celtics didn’t help themselves by letting the Clips continuously back into the game.
    Didn’t particularly enjoy Sheed jacking up another off 3 late in the game either. That’s Ray’s game.

  • rondo_wondo

    wow, rondo even tried to shoot an extra free throw and still missed the 3rd attempt!
    trade rondo for a real winner like fisher!!

  • NineSevenEight

    In hindsight, I’d take a no call on Rondo’s last drive to take it into overtime.

  • C’s Fan Til Death

    Every day you hear Rondo classified as a stubborn player who is always, always looking to improve. Whether you want to put the blame on him or not (I’ve already seen arguments about it), fact is Rondo is going to take the loss on his shoulders. Here’s to hoping he learns from it, goes out and improves from it. Better to have this happen in a December game then later in the season/in the playoffs. I’m sure he’ll be out for redemption tomorrow.

  • Matt

    Yeah, trade him for a guy who tries to tackle people during the game when he’s frustrated. That’s who I want for my starting PG!
    How can you talk trash on a Celtics blog when the Lakers just went through an extremely embarrassing loss on Christmas and on National TV?

  • Matt

    Why wasn’t the gameplan throw the ball to Ray Allen?

  • Ref

    Lets blame the ref…thats what everyone likes to do here lol

  • Ref

    At least it wasn’t the Clippers? LMAO…we lost to a playoff team unlike the smeltics lol

  • Wait who was it that was throwing foam fingers on the court?

  • Common sense

    Yeah against the Cavaliers, not the 76’ers or Clippers LOL.

  • Matt

    Yeah, you lost to a playoff team that the celtics beat on their own homecourt.
    That doesn’t explain how Derek Fisher would fit better with the Celtics than Rajon Rondo.
    And you played against a team at your own homefloor where it is easier. The Celtics played away from home where it is harder.

  • SorryMan

    The celtics just can’t win against any team in LA

  • NineSevenEight

    Please don’t tell us you’re a Laker fan playing the “blame the ref” crap. The Lakers complain their way into every loss they have.
    I particularly love Kobe ENDORSING throwing projectiles onto the court. “If you’re gonna throw something, at least throw something soft.” Stay classy, LA. And of course the NBA does nothing.
    The refs CLEARLY added at least .2 seconds to the clock after it could CLEARLY be seen that Rondo released the ball between 1.2-1.3 seconds. Those extra tenths of a second become advantageous when BD releases the ball with .1 left.
    Regardless, the Celtics deserved to take a loss for their puzzling play.

  • NineSevenEight

    You mean the team who the Celtics beat at the Q?

  • Refuse to put this loss on rondo
    im as mad as the nect guy that he missed those fts, but hes the only reason we had a chance to win

  • and BTW, the timekeeper didnt start the clock until Baron Davis had the ball for 3 tenths of a second.

  • Rajon Rondo

    I’m really sorry guys. Damn…

  • NineSevenEight

    Rich coming over a win that took not one, but TWO OTs against the Kings.
    Come back when LA plays a game outside of the Pacific time zone.
    Are you going to glorify a win over the Bulls too since they’re the 8 seed in the East? BTW, Cavs are worse this year than they were last year.

  • So if you throw shit and disrupt the game it’s ok if the other team is any good. Laker’s Rules.

  • Please don’t tell us you’re a Laker fan playing the “blame the ref” crap. The Lakers complain their way into every loss they have.
    Their horrid fan behavior was ok because they were playing the Cavs.

  • DRJ

    I was just bored with this game, till the end. Not sure why. Guess the team was bored too… they played like it sometimes. A couple of things stood out…
    – Sheed completely embarrassed himself by missing that open dunk. Sheed, you need a LOT of sit ups, and a diet. Not much core strength there now.
    – Both TA and Davis were very good. TA had a couple of great steals at key times.
    Tonight we saw how, when and why the Cs miss Paul. That last Rondo drive/foul is always Paul, and for good reason.
    I had the unusual experience of watching this on the Clippers station. All game long, they could not stop praising the Celtics… “oh he’s great, look at that rotation, they’re gonna win the championship”… went on and on like that. I like it better when they put us down. All this praise is strangely disconcerting.
    I like the Clippers. They earned this win. But it was a forgettable game for me. The one image that sticks is Sheed missing that dunk. Wow Sheed.

  • Ref

    Why are you complaining? A win is a win..doesn’t matter if you win by 1 point or a million…lol…

  • prefuse

    and the team that the Celtics can’t beat. 76’ers and Clippers HAHAH

  • prefuse

    I don’t mind having a PG that tackles people out of frustration 🙂 and he can talk trash because you just lost to the CLIPPERS HAHAHA

  • Matt

    Well maybe to you because you’re a fan of the team, but to the rest of the NBA world, that’s viewed as pretty darn pathetic thing to do. Hitting other players who haven’t done anything to you except fluster you is quite low.
    As my dad always says, “The blind squirrel finds an acorn every once in a while.”

  • prefuse

    How about Ray Ray elbowing “Varejao” groin? HMMM? Who would want SG like him??? You just contradict yourself my friend.

  • NineSevenEight

    What was I complaining about? I already said the C’s deserved the loss for their poor play. The referee’s ERROR didn’t cost them the game, their play did. The statement of facts does not constitute whining. Where were you when the Cavs played Kobe and raped your team on the job?

  • Doc Rivers

    You freakin blew it tonight you scrub ass retard… Im gonna trade you for a PG that can hit free throws, maybe someone good like Fisher!!
    – Coach

  • DRJ

    Forgot to mention… Ray defending the 2 when the 3 was all that mattered. Not often you see Ray making that kind of mental mistake.

  • WC

    Accept the defeat, partially thanks to Rondo’s free throw misses.
    Always the ref complaint. Always.
    F–king Boston.

  • Rav

    I’m a Boston fan. I don’t think its fair to gripe about the time. We’re just unlucky Rondo missed both frees.
    FWIW, when I was watching, I saw between 1.3 and 1.4 seconds left.

  • DRJ

    I saw exactly 1.4, on frame-by-frame review. But they could easily call it 1.5 because the contact started earlier than the hard part of the foul. They had the same video we had, so this time the only way for them to screw it up would be on purpose. That they didn’t do.
    Don’t get me wrong. The refs sucked. But they rarely don’t. Life in the NBA. NOT the reason we lost.

  • thetitleisours

    That certainly was an A+ smelly turd by the good guys 🙁
    Maybe they were missing being home for the Holidays

  • WC

    Best moment was joining a group of people laughing LOUDLY at the Celtic’s bus as it pulled away from Staples Center that night.

  • Al

    Kaman and BDiddy went off last night – U can talk about Rondo’s ft’s but his guy had 24 and 13 as well…Flat games from lots of our guys…Sheed killed us after abusing Skinner in the post in the first half – 4 for 16 in a complete ‘bombs away’ performance. There was just no life in the C’s…they better bring it tonight…