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Del Negro about to be canned

Del negro

If you've hung out with me and my dork blogger friends on Twitter at all this season… you'll notice one question popping up over and over again.

How the hell does Vinny Del Negro still have a job?

Well… he won't for much longer.

There were discussions recently within the organization about having
John Paxson, Chicago's executive vice president of basketball
operations, take over the team, but Paxson ultimately decided against
it. Then, according to sources, Chicago contacted former Bulls coach
Doug Collins, a candidate for the job two years ago when Del Negro was
hired, but Collins was not interested in coaching the club.

Hell… I'll do it.  How hard is it to give the ball to Derrick Rose and tell everyone else to follow his lead?

Chicago Tribune photo

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  • FSantos33

    Maybe Marc Jackson will get his shot at head coach. He’ll take Minimum wage just to get away from Van G.

  • KY Celts fan

    this isn’t Del Negro’s fault. I know when things go bad, you fire the coach just to save face. But it’s not his fault that they only have one offensive option.
    Rose is the only player good enough on the Bulls to actually be a starter. Maybe Deng. But the rest are all role players, who would be riding the bench on any other team. Their biggest mistake was letting Ben Gordon go. After the playoff performance he put on, that should have paid him anything he wanted. Now their only hope is to sign a major free agent next season.

  • DRJ

    Just don’t even think about Tibbs.
    Thank you.

  • I’d say it’s kindof not Vinny’s fault, but in the NBA when the team quits on the coach, then the coach has got to go. You can’t just torture the fans indefinitely hoping the team works it out. This way the Bulls could still be a playoff team this year, which they should be.