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C’s lobby for Rondo

RedsArmyAdmin December 28, 2009 Uncategorized 6 Comments on C’s lobby for Rondo

Vote rondo

“He’s a leader,” coach Doc Rivers
said as Rondo led the Celts against the Los Angeles Clippers last
night. “He’s obtained that this year, and that’s all off-the-court
stuff. His on-the-court (performance) alone has made him an All-Star in
my opinion, but we’ll see.”……

“He has a lot more confidence in himself,” House said. “You know,
when he steps on the court he feels like that guy. When you have that
confidence in yourself and you go out and prove it night in and night
out, people have to take notice. That’s what he’s doing. He’s proving

“That comes with his confidence. He’s been given the reins. For a
time you’re not sure, but now it’s like, OK, go. He has that green
light. He’s playing freely. He’s getting guys the ball and he’s making
the plays. He does what he wants. He’s just playing basketball at an
extremely high level.”……

“I think he’s taken another step,” [Ray] Allen said. “He’s definitely an
aggressor out there. He’s letting people know that, ‘Hey, don’t just
sit there and think I’m chopped liver. You’ve got to guard me, and
you’ve got to guard me every play down the floor.’

Herald: Stars align for Rondo

What more can I add that hasn't been said already?  Just go vote Rondo already!

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  • Al

    Go TTR! Go boy!!!

  • Danno

    Lowest Free Throw percentage on the team. .527
    Not worthy of All Star yet. Sorry.

  • You can’t look at his entire body of work and say that one stat doesn’t make him All Star worthy. He’s clearly one of the best point guards in the NBA… and arguably the best PG in the East.
    He deserves to be there… FT% or not.

  • you=fail
    FT shooting has little to do with being an all star, you fraud…Dwight howard got more votes then any player in the history of the NBA and is a center who cant shoot, doesnt have a post move and sucks at shooting free throws
    the things rondo does well makes him worthy of being an all star, get off your high horse

  • I think Rondo is a strong All-Star candidate please name me better point guards in the East! Anyone anyone?

  • Guys, this is what I am saying. Not even JUST Rondo but Perkins even more-so. Rondo has to fight for a spot amongst all those shooting guards but Perk is amongst the elite in the East too!
    I just posted on this today with a full breakdown of the leading vote getters.
    Hope you don’t mind me sharing the link: http://www.4sportboston.com/2009/12/28/will-there-be-celtic-pride-in-the-2010-nba-all-star-game/