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Yep, those are the “best fans” in the NBA

A few weeks ago, Forbes named Lakers fans the best fans in the NBA.  Last night, in the midst of being blown out by the Cavs, those "great" fans showed why that list was a total farce.

First, the fans of a team that has been at or near the top of the league standings for the entire season started booing at the first hint of poor play… because that's what faithful fans do.  Your team is 23-4 going into the game and they lay one egg… and the boo-birds come out. 

Don't sprain your ankles jumping off the bandwagon.

Then the cherry on top of the sundae came when fans started throwing things onto the court.  Luckily, all they had to throw were those stupid "MVP Puppet" foam fingers.

I personally would like to thank the Lakers fans in attendance of yesterday's game for proving our point and publicly embarrassing your city and franchise.  Yes, there are sane, rational, and nice Lakers fans out there… and they were all put to shame (again) by yesterday's display.

I'm going to assume that my point will be hammered home in the comments very shortly.

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  • baltimoresbest01

    I was actually at this game. I liked my foam finger too much to throw it like some of the other idiots. The officiating did hurt but it happens and I can’t blame it on that. Cavs just played a better game.

  • If LA had a 24-58 season like we had three years ago, I bet the Staples Center would be only half full at every home game.

  • KY Celts fan

    Man, I wish I had watched this game. But I had to spend time laughing with my family and eating a bunch of really good food. Dammit!
    I can’t believe this Lakers team. They actually play a game where every call doesn’t go their way, and they collapse into fits of rage! Odom acted like the douche I always knew he was. I wish I could say that Fisher’s attitude was a surprise, but he is getting chippy in his old age. And there’s just no words for the crowd. Inexcusable. Usually I don’t like Lebron’s antics, but when the crowd started booing and throwing their fingers, and he started asking for more, I busted a gut! hilarious!
    The Lakers need to get over themselves. They may have a good record and be defending champions, but just because Kobe is on your team doesn’t mean you act however you want and not get called on it. shameless.

  • DRJ

    No question, the crowd was bad. No excuses. Just wanna point out that the refs were TERRIBLE in this game… again… and the crowd was mad at them, I think, not the players. No excuse.

  • Antoinew8

    Hey Redsarmy,
    I just want you to watch what you say on this topic. I’m a diehard Celtics fan and am not siding with the Lakers on this by any means, those fans were weak. But in this day and age with the rising ticket prices in all of sports, the people that actually can afford to go to the games on a regular basis for the GREAT teams in sports tend to be more bandwagon jumpers than true fans. They look at going to a Celtics/Lakers game as the hot thing to do, so they go to it with their dates like it’s the movies, not really invested in anything except seeing the hype of a GREAT team. And if they don’t get to see what they’re expecting, the spoiled brats throw a fiit. The true fans only get out to a few games a year at best or are the season ticket guys that will cheer the team through thick and thin. Again, i’m not siding with the Lakers fans, but i do remember it was only about a decade ago when the Celtics and Antoine Walker were being booed off the floor durring the strike shortened season, before the team regained a little respect after Antoine crossed over Tim Hardaway and hit a game winner against the Miami Heat three games before Antoine then got injured and missed the rest of the year, giving the fans nothing to cheer for. I could see that easily happening again at the Garden should the C’s all of a sudden lose three bad games in a row to subpar teams this year with the Championship asperations these guys have.
    This performance though by the Lakers shows that they really aren’t as good as their record says. It’s just that the west is weak and the Lakers haven’t played any road games. It’s funny how the media isn’t building up that fact that the west is weak and easier for the lakers, when two years ago that’s all i heard with the Celtics of why they were so sucessful. Lakers suck!

  • thetitleisours

    Where are the LA trolls now?

  • kidFRESH

    That is the same thing I thought when I first saw it, but if you take a closer look you can see that he wasn’t “asking the crowd for more”, he was calling his teammates over to where he was to tell them something.

  • “…and they were all put to shame (again) by yesterday’s display.” I don’t see how this is true. Personally, when someone in a group I’m in, does something stupid, that’s on them. Not me. I don’t think the well-mannered Lakers fans identify themselves with the toolbags that behave poorly.
    With today’s technology, it’s mighty risky to behave like that at a game. There are so many cameras all over the Staples center…

  • DRJ

    That’s right.

  • Joey

    At first I thought they were throwing the foam fingers at the players (I’m a Lakers fan), so I called them bandwagoners (there are so many Laker/Celtic bandwagoners), but then I realized that they were actually throwing them at the refs after they didn’t give Kobe a call all night. The reffing was pretty terrible that game, but I don’t think that is why the Lakers lost. They still would have lost by 6-8 if Kobe would’ve actually gotten to the FT line everytime Shaq hammered him. The Lakers will kill them in Cleveland.

  • LightsOut_Nigga

    you’re fuckkin stupid, of course it would be half empty. same wit any losin team! dumb fukk!

  • Im Just Sayin

    Boston was half-empty when they were losing, and they chanted “MVP” for Kobe, so that isn’t really a winning argument for you.

  • KY Celts fan

    Ah man, I think you’re right. Well, sucked the fun out of that one.

  • Al

    The Lakers will kill them in Cleveland because…..????
    The Cavs forced Kobe wide from the hoop into 11-32 shooting – that won’t change.
    The Cavs bench ate the Lakers – that won’t change.
    The Lakers bigs should see the ball more – that won’t change cos Kobe gets a boner in these Lebron/Wade/Superstar matchups and shoots his ass off…
    The Cavs are a good home team – the Lakers are unproven away from home AND
    In other words against the big boys – they’ve pretty much shit the bed….

  • KY Celts fan

    Yea, what he said.

  • Laker fan galing pinas

    when their here u get mad and say how dumb we are because we make dumb spellings but when their nothere ur looking for them

  • Lakers fan galing pinas

    talk about winning against big dogs??
    u lost to ATL(defeated them without PAU), PHX(we blew them out without PAU and beat them again with PAU) and ORL at home with Pierce

  • cheekmeister

    yeah and where were those played? that’s STAPLES! they haven’t won against the elite teams on the road.

  • cheekmeister

    ..and grammar too 😉

  • Al

    Sure we’ve had our losses but we’ve also stuffed Orlando and Cleveland away….u guys have held home court better than us so far but we’re 10 -1 or is it 11-1 now on the road…I’ll take that.

  • Joey

    No, I just think they’ll kill them because they will be motivated and I’m just assuming that the refs won’t screw the Lakers both times, but it has happened before.

  • Lakers Fan

    Let me start off by saying I am a Lakers fan that occasionally reads this blog, because it’s interesting to read stuff from the complete opposite perspective. What happened at the game was pretty embarrassing, but also understandable to me. First, the boos. These were completely warranted in my opinion because the Lakers weren’t playing bad, they just weren’t putting any effort in. Every team is going to play bad at some point no matter how good you are, but one thing a fan can always ask for is effort and the Lakers failed to give that, and deserve to get booed for that. The refs were absolutely terrible, but not in favor of either team. That combined with the lack of effort was extremely frustrating which is what led to the foam fingers being thrown. I like the enthusiasm, but when the water bottle went down that completely crossed the line. If that had hit anyone that would have been atrocious. I’d like to remind all of you though, that this was one frustrating game, not a mirror of all Laker fans.

  • pa

    baron davis for the win! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!