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Hudson sent back to D-League

Via Jess Camerato

Celtics reassigned rookie Lester Hudson to the NBA Development League’s
Maine Red Claws, the team announced on Saturday. This will be Hudson’s
second D-League stint this season. He was assigned to the Red Claws
earlier this month and averaged 16.3 points, 6.0 rebounds and 4.7
assists in three games.

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  • nick

    Everyone wants 2 say Rasheed Wallace is out of shape. Look at how he tormented Dwight Howard on x-mas with his hand spped, strength, and just all around defensive skill and wisdom. The guy wan’t brought here to cover Lebron James he was brought to bang, play D against the Dwights and Gasol’s of the world, and stretch opposing Defenses. I thought with a healthy K.G and the Beast that we had the 2 best in the league already covering that big smurf pussy D-12 However I now realize that we have 3 guys who can cover him 1on 1 without any help. And big baby and Shelden can both hold him away from the rim. Is there any other team in the league that even has 1 guy who “successfully” guards Howard? Its an embarrasment of riches and its why they have NO SHOT at beating us and neither do the Cavs. My other point is why the fuck does Rivers insist on playing Scal? Giddens and Walker are both RIGHT NOW better players than Fire Crotch, I mean I get all the fucking old wives tales about his solid D and rebounding and how he sets good screens and just plays the game the right way in general. If i here it anymore though I’m gona fuckin regurgitate on my keyboard. The dude don’t belong in the league, I get him somewhat sticking with Eddie House because he’s got a track record, but wtf has scal done in the last 5 years? I mean seriously gimme a fucking break, as a C’s die-hard I deserve better than 2 see some fat gross slob come running off the bench. Giddens and Walker should both see 10 minutes a game regardless! We’re more than good enough to account for their mistakes, and we’ll find out what we got in those 2 young bucks, every time I see either of them play I’m impresses, they’ve both got NBA Bodies, and warrant a little burn here and there. Does Doc know what player development is or does he think we’ll have 4 All-Stars and a great 6th man every year he’s here? What a fucking Douche, Giddens and Walker can now retreat to the NBA graveyard where Doc buried Gerald Green, Brandon Wallace, Orien Greene, Allan Raye and a few others. He just don’t get it, Player Development is a huge Deal….Fuckk

  • KY Celts fan

    Wow, that is a stupid rant. And not at all related to the topic. bravo.