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Hey Ron, Now Tell Us What Really Happened


Via Marc Stein's Twitter Page:

just announced Artest hurt last night at home when he tripped over box
and fell down flight of stairs, injuring head and left elbow.

to back of head and elbow, Lakers say. Artest "not expected" to play
tonight in Sacramento, according to team press release

Ron Artest wants us to believe he tripped over a box and fell down a flight of stairs at his home?

That kinda crap happens to guys like me, not world class nutjobs athletes like Ron-Ron.

Shh… You hear that sound? The crazy train is coming… and the wheels are falling off.

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  • Joe Somebody

    He got drunk on eggnog at home for Christmas. So What? Didn’t we all?

  • DRJ

    I would love to hear the real story… it must be a hell of a tale. He’ll never tell though… I’m pretty sure that whatever happened is strictly prohibited by his contract.

  • LightsOut_Nigga

    he prbly jus doesnt wanna play his old team..

  • Sr Swish


  • cheekmeister

    i want TMZ to confirm this..til then i call BS