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Rondo steps up… delivers Christmas win

Rondo v. orlando
It was a game too ugly to truly get into.  And because Chuck and I have both been swimming in egg nog since 10 am… we're not capable of really getting into it, either.

All you need to know is that in Paul Pierce's absence, Rajon Rondo stepped up with 17 points, 13 rebounds and 8 assists…. and all of his assists came in the 2nd half.

Look at that again.

13 rebounds.

That's just 2 less than KG and Sheed combined.

The other big number from Rondo is the 18 shots he took.  He forced the issue today.  He made the Orlando  Magic play him.  

Ugly… ugly game today… but the C's won it.  So enjoy.  Crack a beer, grab some leftovers, and enjoy.

Box Score

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  • paul

    Really? I thought Ray got 18 points, and Tony Allen filled in pretty well with 16 points. Also, our defense limited them to 8 points in the second quarter. Not so ugly, at least not compared to how bad the Magic played.

  • DRJ

    Yeah… great D. That’s how they won. This game indicates something very important… that their D is not dependent on any single player… that it’s a team effort (which we knew), and that when they put their minds to it, it really works. They can win games with it… even ugly games.
    TA really stepping up. Hallelujah!
    Did Baby look even FATTER to you?

  • KG and Ray were invisible for a good 3 quarters, and both teams were sloppy, rondo was extremly aggressive but turned the ball over more then usual, good solid win, but sure was ugly

  • Lex

    M-V-P M-V-P

  • JD

    haha I noticed that as well, glen looked pretty big compared to the end of last year.

  • DRJ

    Looking around… you can’t mean Paul… must be RONDO?? Yeah sure… we can’t even get him in the All-Star game. For whatever reason, he remains invisible to much of the public. But MVPs are selected by sports writers… so I guess there’s some (tiny) chance.

  • Lex

    All I ask is that by the end of the season his name is in the discussion.
    It should be.
    Yes, Rondo.

  • Al

    Other than his ridiculous 8 turnovers Rondo was the difference, had to laugh with his stats at 8 TO’s no assists at one stage but he took Nelson to school time and time again…Props.
    KG invisible? Think u will find it was the guys he was marking that were invisible…8 pts in a quarter at home on Xmas – now THAT is invisible!!! Primo prime time jumper by Ray to seal it

  • DRJ

    Absolutely, it should be.
    Rondo is as important to this team as Kobe, Lebron and Wade are to theirs. Which is good and bad… it means that he’s one player whose loss would (very likely) spell doom for the team.
    Well, actually, there are probably two such players: Rondo and KG. No KG = much worse defense, team probably goes down. No Rondo = chaos on offense, chaos all around, team goes down. Rondo really has become the Celtics’ sine qua non.
    I wish they could cultivate or acquire a real backup for RR. But I don’t see it happening. Best we can probably hope for is Tyronn Lue, once a roster spot opens up after a 2-for-1 trade. He’s been practicing with the team and therefore should know all their sets… but he’s no Rondo, that’s for sure. Who is?
    (Wait… looking down, I see my button says “I am a Lester Hudson fan”… I forgot. So let me add… Lester COULD, I say COULD one day fill in for Rondo. There’s the potential there, anyway.)

  • Shawn-cvd

    I hadn’t realized that Magic were held to only 8 points. Probably due to the blind rage I was experiencing due to the endless offensive calls made.
    Rondo’s fourth quarter tip/rebound to Sheed for the flush was outstanding. The highlight of the game for me though was Perk beasting up on Howard and the five straight misses by Orlando in the fourth. I laughed so loud over that futility.
    Happy Holidays all!!!


    Rasheed kept us deep in the game early,
    his contributions cannot be overlooked.
    RONDO was epic as usual

  • Danno

    17 points, 13 boards. AWESOME
    3-7 from the stripe, 8 turn overs, 7-18 shooting. NOT awesome.
    47 minutes played. OOF.
    Thank you Rondo for playing your ass off and essentially winning the game for us. Now please, go practice your free throws, and jump shots, and be a little more cautious on those ill-advised cross-court passes… ‘kay? thanx.