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KG: “For now, I’m alright”

Late in today's game against Orlando, KG took a nasty fall.  If you're like us, you soiled yourself on the spot.  KG is well enough, at least, to talk about it.

“The fans probably couldn’t hear it, but I heard a pretty
big thump, and I didn’t realize that it was his head,” Rivers said. 

Trying to deny Vince Carter an easy path to the lane,
Garnett went skied up to contest the shot. Carter kicked it to the corner for a
Rashard Lewis 3, meanwhile Garnett was hung in the air with teammate Tony Allen
underneath him. He tried to brace himself but came down hard and loud to the

“I’m ok,” Garnett said after the game. “I’ve had harder
falls. I’m just glad we won to be honest. I’m sure I’ll feel it in the morning.
But for now, I’m all right.”

For now.

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  • Jason

    He stayed down for a little bit and I was nervous. Then he shook it off and seemed ok walking to the bench and I was relieved. But then he didn’t play the rest of the game and I’m still concerned as of now. These quotes are nice I guess, but if was no biggie, and we know the competitor he is, why didn’t he re-enter the game?
    Why the two orders? If your orders were that Santiago wasn’t to be touched, why would it be necessary to transfer him off the island?
    Btw, this is my same concern with Pierce’s knee. It’s good the procedure was minor and he’ll be back quick, but healthy knees don’t need draining, so what’s wrong with his knee in the first place?

  • Al

    An infection – don’t sweat the small stuff (right?)
    As for KG – he smacked his head – would rather have a live body out there than someone who is a bit dusty….was only for the last minute or so anyway and he was ready to go in if needed standing courtside….

  • KG has fear of getting up that high and landing on his leg/knee…therefore the fall was his own fault…too bad though….
    he did only have 10 pts and 7 boards..pretty typical of a role player,, was expecting more from him in a game like that, but thankfull rondo stepped up and ray was clutch after also being invisible for 3 quarters