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The Morning Dump… This is why we got ‘Sheed


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying as a good morning dump.

Wallace showed why he was the Celtics’ No. 1 free agent target in the
offseason. He has attempted to fit in as a role player, but against the
Pacers he delivered a masterful, veteran performance as a starter.
Wallace’s anticipation and guile disrupted the Pacers’ offense. He
mostly held his ground near the basket, attempting only eight shots,
but did get an impressive breakaway dunk out of an Indiana timeout late
in the third quarter.

“That’s what you have to do – it’s a different preparation,’’ Wallace
said. “When you’re coming off the bench you’re looking more at the guys
that they have coming off the bench. At first, I was more focused on
[Tyler] Hansbrough and the guys they have, then I focused on [Roy]
Hibbert and [Troy] Murphy and try and do what I can with them.

Globe – Knee Surgery Shelves Pierce

What are the chances Doc rolls out a starting front court of Perk, Sheed and KG on Christmas Day against the Magic? Probably slim, but it could work. Mickael Pietrus is Orlando's small forward and since he's more of a spot up shooter than a dribble drive guy, KG would have no trouble hanging with him. And think of the match-up problems it poses for the other team by having a small forward guard KG. And while Doc might not start a game with this front court, he could end a game with it. Just a thought…

As for Sheed's shoulder injury, he says – "It’s a little sore but I’m all right, it’s normal."

On page 2, the Globe's Gary Washburn makes the case for Nate Robinson.

With the Celtics having so many expiring contracts, teams are going to
run up Ainge’s cellphone bill with trade offers. There is one
intriguing player potentially on the market: Knicks guard Nate
Robinson, banished by coach Mike D’Antoni because of his game antics.
But Robinson’s production cannot be denied, and Boston has always been
a place where former malcontents become good guys.

Globe – It Has Come Time To Lean on Bench

Yes, the guy is a dink, but there's no denying he can score off the bench. While he clean up his act for a chance to win a title? If Stephon Marbury can do it, anybody can do it.

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  • al

    are you nuts? kg can’t stay in front of al harrington or rashard lewis, he can’t guard mickael pietrus!