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Ed Lacerte’s 3 A.M. Wake-up Call

Via the Associated Press:

Pierce was in so much pain from a right knee infection that the
All-Star forward called team trainer Ed Lacerte on Wednesday around 3
a.m, coach Doc Rivers said. Lacerte went to Pierce’s house and took him to the hospital, where they drained fluid from Pierce’s knee.

Pierce didn’t make the flight to Orlando for the Christmas Day game
against the Magic. He is expected to miss at least two weeks.

Eddie Lacerte – NBA trainer 24/7.

Ninety minutes after the Globe reports that Pierce might be back sooner than two weeks, the AP comes out with this story saying Pierce will miss at least two weeks.

After the torture we went through last year with KG's knee injury, I'm not sure what/who to believe anymore.

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  • I don’t think the AP cares to get the updated diagnosis. I think that “two weeks” is something they just tacked on because it’s the last thing they heard. I’ll believe the Globe reporter who was there at practice today before I believe an AP throwaway line.

  • I’d go with the Globe myself. It seems that Reds’ point is valid. The story also says “updated at 2:41pm” so I believe they just tacked on whatever they could. Anyways, we’ll know soon enough…just glad Ticket’s a go for tomorrow and Baby will be back in no longer than a week.

  • Joey

    Maybe the Celtics should sign Wally Szczerbiak for the minimum. He’s still better than Bill Walker.

  • DRJ

    I’m pretty sure that “at least 2 weeks” is right. Knee infection is a serious thing, not easily or quickly healed. (How serious? Put it this way… if you don’t have the right antibiotic, or if the bug is resistant, the patient can die. This will take some time.)