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A Christmas gift from, and to our readers

Baby giddens pierce christmas

We occasionally get things from our readers.  This being the Christmas season, we're sharing a couple with everyone.  First up:  Jester's letter to Santa:

Dear Santa

I would like Rondo's play to continue
to be awesome, a quick recovery for PP, MD, and KG, All-Star votes for
Perk, and Clutch Jesus poster for Ray Allen. Sheed could use a sweat
pants repair kit, Scal a Flobee and some self tanner and TA to continue
his solid play. Walker, Giddens and Hudson maybe a Official Red Ryder
Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle plus some more
playing time. Also Big baby could use a set of MMA gloves, Eddie House
an entry in the 3 point shoot-out, and Sheldon Williams a nice butt
pad. For Doc Danny and Wyc continued wisdom. For John snuggie for his
dog and some feta cheese, for chuck yoga booty ballet and flirty girl
fitness DVD's. DJR a I'm a Lester Hudson fan button. KY Celts fan to
move to a state where sister can't marry their brother. KWAPT green
boxer briefs. Tim(Fire Doc) a wild night with 3 Celtic Cheerleaders.
For the Redsarmy readers and all Celtics fans Banner 18!!!!!!! As for
me 2 sampler 12 packs of holiday beer and a Redsarmy HOF t-shirt (which
I think I got).

Merry Christmas everyone


Thanks Jester.  I get the feeling that you've already been dipping into those 12 packs.  And to show everyone how Red's Army has soldiers everywhere…. check out what people see when Art in LA drives around:

Art license plate

And our boy TJ was recently at the C's Wizards game… and he sends along a few photos

Wiz photo 1
Wiz photo 2 Wiz photo 3

Got something you want to send us?  You can always click the "email us" link on the right hand side of the site…. or just send it along to RedsArmy.com@gmail.com. 

Thanks, as always, to everyone for reading.

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  • Merry Christmas to everyone at RedsArmy.com. I always look forward to going to this site and interacting with all the cool people that frequent it.

  • How thoughtful Jester.

  • DRJ

    Man, did Tim EVER get the best of THAT deal. Say… can we trade gifts? Tim?…………?