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Your Morning Dump… Where no KG and no Christmas make the Celtics something something

Perkins flailing

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“The holidays are a tough time to play, obviously, because of
distractions,’’ said coach Doc Rivers. “Tomorrow, we’re bringing
everyone’s family, wives and kids. I actually told them before the
game, I said, ‘I know how it works and I know you’ve been home all day
and your wives and your kids have been talking about going to see
Mickey Mouse and all that.’ But we have a game tonight. Unfortunately,
it was true in the first half, but give them credit. They all came out
and played terrific in the second half.’’

Globe: A winning ticket

“It’s just like last year,” Rivers said. “It’s no different in some
ways. When Kevin went out last year, we had the ability to score. We
just couldn’t stop people from scoring. And I actually turned to
(assistant coach Tom Thibodeau) in the first half and said, ‘Here we
go,’ when they started scoring. He’s just such a verbal leader, and
honestly, him and Kendrick Perkins have such a connection defensively where they cover up for each other
and everyone else. And when you take him off the floor you disrupt


“A lot changes,” Pierce said of a world without Garnett. “You’re
talking about a guy who we play our offense through and our leader on
defense. I thought it took a second for us to adjust. What we said at
halftime, we said we weren’t talking on defense and usually Kevin leads
us in that category as far as talking and being in the spots, having
everybody in their spots.

“I guess it took us a half to realize that Kevin wasn’t going to be
out there. So we got it together. If that’s an adjustment we’ve got to
make for this road trip, then we’ve got to make it a little bit earlier
at the start of the game and realize there are things we have to do
when he’s out.”

Herald: Familiar look with Kevin Garnett

Firstly… that photo of Perk is just there for entertainment value.  That's just pure gold.

On to the game last night.

Doc called this one in the pregame.  He knew the team was going to come out like it did.  And as a coach, you can only do so much.  What are you going to do… dig into your bag and find your best Knute Rockne speech for a late December game against the Pacers? 

No, of course not.  You gotta roll the dice with your starters… and then start making substitutions that might send a message or two. 

Perk sucked last night in the first half.  He was probably playing his worst game of the season.  So Doc gave Brian Scalabrine a lot of early playing time.  If I were Doc, I'd have sent Lester Hudson, Tony Allen, Shelden Williams, and Eddie House in there too and just sat everyone down in the second quarter.  Win be damned… if you guys aren't going to play… then sit and let the guys who want to play get on the floor.

Speaking of which… where WAS Shelden Williams last night???

Coming up, Page 2… Where Pierce thinks KG is growing up

Associated Press photo

Nagged by a right thigh bruise suffered in a win over Memphis earlier this month, Boston Celtics forward Kevin Garnett
removed himself from Monday's practice at the Sports Authority Training
Center in Waltham and told trainer Ed Lacerte of his malady.

When Paul Pierce
spotted Garnett on the sideline — a place the Celtics' captain had
been imploring Garnett to visit more often as he works his way back
from offseason knee surgery — Pierce strolled over and playfully
chided him about finally taking a breather.

"Paul walked over to him and said, 'Wow, someone's growing up.' You
know, instead of fighting through it," coach Doc Rivers said Tuesday
night after his team won without Garnett, beating the
Indiana Pacers
103-94 at TD Garden. "[Garnett] has that warrior mentality and
sometimes it's to his detriment. [Monday] he did a good job. He wanted
to fight it [Tuesday] and then he kind of just said, 'You're right.'"

ESPN Boston: KG should be ready for Magic

Praise sweet baby Jesus… Kevin Garnett took himself out of a practice and relented when he was told he wasn't playing??

What's next?  The Real Housewives of Orange county looking at themselves in the mirror and realizing that they should get jobs?

KG will be ready to go on Christmas… that's all we need to know.

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