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“He just creates havoc out there”

Rondo passing v indy

Paul Flannery might have to be diplomatic about this… but we don't. 

Let's start with Troy Murphy's quote about Rajon Rondo:

“He just kills your whole gameplan because you don’t know where he’s
going to be,” Muprhy said. “He’s all over the place. He’s taking
chances. He just creates havoc out there. He’s tough.”

And let's compare that to Flannery's dead on assessment of what most players say about Rondo:

Not sure if everyone’s noticed an emerging trend in the NBA where a large number of players stop short of giving Rajon Rondo his props. Indiana’s Danhtay Jones
spoke for many who have conveyed similar statements when he said
Tuesday night, “They have a great team. He compliments the guys around
him. He’s a part of a great machine.”

There’s a couple of things happening in that quote. One, the players
meme is that Rondo is beyond lucky to be on a team like the Celtics
with veteran superstars and two, he’s a complimentary player.

And this is where we take the ball and run with it…

Guys like Danhtay Jones bounce around the league without ever seizing the opportunities given to them.  Then they see a guy like Rajon Rondo, who is really in a good situation… and they purse their lips and sneer "hell I could be great with those guys around me."

But no, you can't.  Very few of the players out there can.  And any suggestion that being the point guard for the Celtics is an easy gig is born of jealousy more than anything else.

This won't lead to more gushing about Rondo.  We do that enough.  This is just a matter of calling bull on those players who hate Rondo for his success rather than give the guy his due.  Troy Murphy, as Flannery said, got it right with his comment.  Guys like Jones can continue their lives as NBA flotsam while Rondo continues to run a championship team.

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  • Troy Murphys quote is more realistic, he creates the pace, the havoc, his tempo is key to our success, without him…we stink
    Yeah, sure rondo is “lucky” to be on such a good team, but so is paul pierce, ray allen, and kevin garnett, who as lead dogs all lead there team to the lottery.
    Rondo is a huge reason why this team is so good, as is Kendrick Perkins, i think these guys consistently get overlooked around the league, while some smarter players and coaches realize they are actually turning into the backbone of the team.

  • FSantos33

    Agreed; Rondo (Engine), Perk (Tires), Big 3 (Drivers)
    Loved the way they played in the second half; finally saw some sense of urgency. No KG, BBD, Daniels, and stuffed with holiday calories didn’t stop us. Really looking forward to ruin a Disney World Xmas in Orlando. Second straight year the NBA sent the Celtics on the road during Christmas. I’d be pissed.

  • bleedgreen

    There’s a reason Dahntay Jones never played a game for us. Because he sucks. Who cares about what he thinks anyway?

  • Lex

    M-V-P M-V-P

  • G4L

    Love the Engine, Tires, & Drivers! Awesome

  • Al

    Think u will find KG and Ray went to the playoffs virtually every year but just disregard facts so u can hug Rondo’s sack…
    When I saw this article on Rondo I knew you’d be all over it like flies on shit…
    We all know Rondo can play alright, we know what he can do and that his shooting is improving, the guy’s a star, but u seem to think the C’s would totally suck without him.
    The fact is they wouldn’t – they’d be worse but they wouldn’t stink – they’d get another guard in and do alright but u keep on with the blind lovin….

  • KG Hadnt been to the playoffs in 3 seasons prior to joining the celtics and only ever made it out of the first round 1 time in 13 years.
    These are facts. im not trying to take anything from him

  • Al

    So he led them to the lottery by making the playoffs 10 years outa 13?? The dude had 3 all stars in 13 years to help him – One year with Sam and Spree and the other was…..Wally….
    U just need to balance your comments – u sound like u wanna have Rondo’s babies and that the big 3 are used up has been’s who Rondo makes look good…

  • Uncle Leo

    He doesn’t do anything special, he gets away with gambling for steals because he’s on a good defensive team, gets high assist numbers because the guy’s he [asses off to can score very well, and gets rebounds by poaching off Perk who is always boxing everyone out. Take away all those things and you have at best ten points a game, a very unreliable free throw shooter, and a bad attitude.
    I’m sorry but the players around him really do mask his deficiencies and highlight his strengths more so than any other point guard in the league and it’s just obvious to anyone who isn’t a blinded homer.