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Breaking News: Pierce Out with Knee Infection

Via Comcast SportsNet:

Paul Pierce will miss the Celtics' upcoming four-game road trip, and
may be sidelined for as many as two weeks, because of a knee problem
that required a medical procedure on Wednesday.

Team owner Wyc
Grousbeck said Pierce began feeling discomfort in the knee after
Tuesday night's victory over Indiana. He described the problem as an
infection that required drainage, but said he wouldn't describe the
procedure as surgery.

"He had the knee rinsed and irrigated, and
it will require some antibiotics," said Grousbeck. "It's nothing major
at all, but it will take some time to come back from. He'll be out for
a week, maybe two, and will definitely miss the four games on the road."

Grousbeck said Pierce hadn't complained of any knee problems prior to Tuesday night.

Celtics recalled forward Bill Walker on Wednesday and there was
speculation the move was related to Kevin Garnett's injury, which
caused Garnett to miss Tuesday's game. But it now seems apparent Walker
will replace Pierce.

There's some debate over who should replace Pierce in the starting line-up, TA or Billy W. I added a poll on the right sidebar.

If this isn't the biggest bag-over-the-head, punch-in-the-face I ever got, GOD DAMN IT!

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  • Danno

    Bill Walker hasn’t played an NBA game this season, and now he’s going to START in place of Pierce?
    Wouldn’t it make more sense to start TA, who has been playing well lately, and have Walker coming off the Bench?

  • NineSevenEight

    This sucks and I hate it, but it’s better to heal the injury bug early in the season than to let it linger. It will be interesting to watch how this team comes together without Pierce this time, as opposed to being without Garnett. Getting the W in Orlando would make it sweeter.

  • G4L

    Thats the same thing I was thinking… But maybe the C’s are better served having TA come off the bench??

  • TA is a bit undersized as a small forward.

  • Danno

    Bill Walker is a bit underequipped to start in the NBA.

  • DRJ

    Wow… this is serious stuff. You don’t get an infected knee like you get a sore throat. Something caused it… almost always it’s a prior surgical procedure. What procedure? We’ve heard nothing about PP’s knees for a long time.
    For a knee to get that infected… what the hell?!? Something else is going on here, that they’re not telling us. This is too weird to be the whole story.

  • JD

    Hopefully this won’t be the sequel to KG’s knee saga last year. At least its getting taken care of early.
    I predict a triple double from Rondo on Christmas, now that he is going to have to carry a much larger load of the playmaking and rebounding from the small positions.

  • NineSevenEight

    I think Doc gives the nod to TA. I just don’t see Walker jumping from NBDL to NBA overnight…literally. Tony has proven himself…as of late. I’m not a big TA fan but there’s no denying his recent success on the court.
    Plus, if Doc were to throw Walker in, how detrimental would that be to TA’s psyche? That would be like starting Shelden Williams last night over Sheed.

  • G4L

    The report that I saw said Walker would replace Pierce on the “active roster”

  • DRJ

    Right, because we still have 3 inactives… Pierce, Davis, Daniels.

  • Dead Auerbach

    Did he have a wheelchair?

  • I bleed green in L.A.

    Lets just go small with House or big with Sheed.

  • Nick

    For the love of god, please don’t let Doc increase House and Scalabrine’s minutes. Those 2 guys couldn’t get burn for the fucking Timberwolves so Y do they get minutes with us?? Omg I truly fucking hate those 2 scrubs and I pray every night for a Nocioni trade to perhaps rid the team of these 2 scrubs. Y aren’t we focusing on developing Giddens and Walker?? he even plays Scal over Shelden now, its like Scal is Doc’s safety valve. We need to start T.A and Ray and bring Walker and Giddens off the pine for 20 minutes each per game while Pierce is out. Ya thats right i said 20 MINUTES! I wana start seeing alot more DNPCD’s for Scal and house 2 guys who don’t even belong in the NBA right now, also we should sign Rashad McCants if we are gona refuse to play our 1st round pick Giddens. Fucking assholes!

  • Bas Rutten Jr.


  • FSantos33

    This sucks but I am glad C’s medical staff acted quickly. All Doc has to do is demand extra production from the other guys to pick up the slack. Extra 5 points for Paul night. KG (5) Ray (5) Rondo (5) TA (5) Perk (5). Bench Guys (5pts) That’s not asking too much. If we play together we can win.
    **Hopefully C’s aren’t hiding something like they did KG’s knee.

  • Joseph

    HAHA – I think KG is still using his wheelchair. HAHA Pussy Suckdics!

  • C’s Fan Til Death

    I’m interested to see what we do at the end of games. Do we go big & stay veteran with Rondo-Ray-Sheed-KG-Perk? Do we bring in Eddie to help spread the floor now that pierce is gone? Or, do we keep Tony in the game for clutch time D? (and hope he doesn’t foul anyone with 0.1 seconds to go…yeah, I’m still bitter)

  • C’s Fan Til Death

    This is just so random. Last night Pierce has a solid fourth quarter, today he’s out for two weeks? What a shame.
    Also, there’s always stories about how the team goes, Rajon goes. Without the Captain, this is time for him to fill in and show if he’s really capable of being a leader. I’m expecting greatness from RR

  • I think its obvious that doc will start scal in pierce’s place, at least at first
    you dont start eddie because you take away too much of your bench’s scoring ability
    i could see tony getting the starting nod, but definitely not walker , he has to be below giddens on the pecking order at this point
    the most interesting part of this all will be whether JR or Bill get any significant playing time, because if they cant get on the court with are first and second options at small forward out, danny wasted two draft picks last year and you might as well try to trade them for someone who can help us now, like a backup point guard, or just flat out cut them