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Ainge: KG a Game-time Decision on Friday

Danny Ainge spoke about his injured forwards:

felt fine after the game," Celtics president of basketball operations
Danny Ainge said. "He felt great. A few hours later there was swelling
and pain, and so they put him through some tests this morning. Then,
they went in and they felt like they needed to clean out the infection.
It's nothing structural, and it's a guess, but they are saying two
weeks. I'm always when worried when a player gets hurt but the good
news is there was no structural (damage)."

Ainge said Kevin Garnett (right thigh bruise) is expected
to return soon, following a one-game absence. Garnett arrived with the
team in Orlando Wednesday afternoon.

"I don't know when for KG," Ainge said. "He may play, but
it will be a game-time decision Friday. I think he's fine — it's not
anything structural. He wanted to play (Tuesday) night but we're being

Here we go again. Why would Danny even mention the word "structural" when referring to a thigh-bruise injury? And would a thigh bruise really keep KG out for two games? It's the type of injury you play through, throw a little ben-gay on it and get it loose. Something is fishy here…

Wyc says the team will not add any additional players to their roster:

"We've recalled Bill Walker," he said. "We've got a roster of 15
players. We're not going to be cutting anybody. We don't have any open
roster spots. We've got guys to practice. I'm glad to see Tony Allen's
playing well. We'll have to have people like Tony step it up."

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  • DRJ

    I’m prepared to believe that they took KG out yesterday because his leg was bruised, because of which he was limping a bit, and because he seemed like he needed it. Nothing serious at all.
    This business about a game-time decision on KG is what is probably total BS… a fakeout aimed at the Magic. I think KG is playing on Friday, come hell or high water.
    They have hidden facts about PP though. It seems he probably had some kind of drainage procedure recently… probably needs them on some regular basis… and that last one caused the knee infection (they don’t happen by themselves). So he probably has some chronic knee problem… probably some kind of arthritis… requiring drainage from time to time. We can hope that once this infection is cleared up and he’s off the antibiotics, he’ll come back right as rain. More or less.

  • i hate to say this, but i think he has been playing hurt most of the year, much like last year during the playoffs
    hopefully he can get it straightened out by the playoffs
    this seems like the perfect storm for TA to reel us in again, think about it he has a magical two weeks while pierce is out and wham celtics fans love him again
    i used to be a huge tony fan, but know i get the feeling that no matter what happens we wont be able to get rid of him lol

  • DRJ

    Feels like a strange time is coming. I think we will be surprised a few more times this season.