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When 2 Quarters of Defense is Enough


I'm not sure what Doc Rivers told the troops at halftime, but it clearly worked. Down 15 at the half, the Celtics clamped down defensively in the 3rd and 4th quarters and beat the Pacers, 103-94.

Abysmal. Atrocious. Wretched. Putrid. Any of those words appropriately describe the Celtics play in the first half.

Pacers PG Earl Watson had 18 points (6-10 FG, 3-5 3FG) in the first half. Rondo was playing defense like Sherm Douglas.

The starters came out with zero intensity/effort. The undermanned bench (remember Sheed was starting for KG) played well, especially Eddie House (10 points, 4-4 FG in first half). But when the starters returned to the floor midway through the 2nd, the Pacers closed the quarter with a 16-4 run to take the 57-42 lead into the half.

The Celtics looked like a different team after halftime. They outscored Indiana 35-20 in the 3rd. Perk had 13 points in the quarter, Ray Allen with 11.

The defense was swarming. Rajon Rondo (15 points, 9 assists, 6 steals), Paul Pierce (21 points, 6 rebounds and 5 steals) and Kendrick Perkins (19 points, 8 rebounds, 4 blocks) made big play after big play. Ray Allen (23 points, 7 rebounds) also deserves a mention for his deflections and hustle.

Pierce would not be denied offensively in the 4th quarter. He had 14 of his 21 in the final 12 minutes.

Remember Earl Watson? He was 0-for-3 from the floor with zero points in the second half.

Rasheed Wallace (9 points, 13 rebounds) suffered a shoulder stinger in the 2nd half. He returned to the game after getting treatment, but it clearly bothered him the rest of the game.

Troy Murphy (24 points, 18 rebounds) killed the Celtics.

One of the worst calls in the history of organized basketball was made with 2:41 left in the game. Perk was whistled for an offensive foul on a clean screen. To compund the mistake, the whistle was blown about 2 seconds after the pick was set. Awful…

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  • DRJ

    Well… we know one thing. We know Paul Pierce will probably never have a worse quarter than tonight’s Q1, nor a worse half than tonight’s first half. Unless he gets another 0% FG% with even MORE missed shots, I suppose… and/or more turnovers (he had 1 in the first half).
    And yet, Cs won. Just by stepping up their (incomparable) D in the 2nd half. The won without KG. And with PP doing his best to drag the team down in the first half (getting his first basket of the night in Q4!) And with Doc weirdly removing Eddie House from the game… must have been because he was shooting 4-4 at the time. Too hot, I guess. Sometimes, I wonder about Doc. Scratch that… I OFTEN wonder about Doc. Weird dude.
    I like that KG sat down tonight. They should rest the vets more and more. I’m starting to believe my earlier post… that it makes no sense to chase HCA (since we’re a better road team than at home), and that the less the vets play the smaller their risk of injury. So by all means: rest the vets, give the young ones more PT. TA is certainly stepping up, game after game (including tonight). Let’s start playing Hudson more too. And bring Walker back… let’s see what all this practice in the minors has done for him. Now’s the time.
    Note about the refs: Perk only had to BE there tonight for the whistle to blow on his picks. Even if he didn’t move a muscle. But when a Pacer slammed into Scal’s chest right in the middle of the court… an offensive foul that EVERYBODY saw… no call. Is it possible that the refs as a group have it in for the Cs? Yep, it’s possible. The reason? Rasheed Wallace. After Sheed yelled at and threatened one of their own, I wouldn’t be surprised if Bill Kennedy made a few phone calls. We need to get past this crap. Hopefully it’ll die down in a week or two.

  • JD

    2 quarters of D won’t be enough in Orlando, but I guess it works against the Danny Granger-less Pacers. Hopefully KG won’t be rusty after 4 days off before Christmas.

  • Jason

    KG out AND Sheed hurt and Sheldon gets no play? That’s pretty damning.
    Awesome FT shooting tonight.
    Perk missed 5 shots. Four of them were blocked.
    Another 10 minutes from TA without a TO.

  • KY Celts fan

    Celtics grind out the win with their amazing D. and Lakers lose! Double your pleasure!

  • KY Celts fan

    that post was premature. I saw the score on sportscenter and thought the game was over. apologies.

  • God

    Epic fail.

  • KY Celts fan

    yea, I blew my wad a little early.

  • DRJ

    I think (hope) he meant the Thunder, not you 🙂

  • DRJ

    Kobe’s knee buckled in Q4 of the Thunder game. He seemed OK afterwards, and finished the game… but they showed the event in slow motion, and it looked very bad. Looked like he at least strained, and probably tore, his MCL.
    If they’re smart, they’ll keep him out for AT LEAST 2-3 weeks (probably longer). If not, he could lose the whole rest of the season the next time that knee takes a hit. Not kidding.
    Some will be inclined to gloat. Please don’t. You would only be embarrassing yourself and Celtics fans in general. I think we should all want to meet the Lakers with Kobe, not hobbled without him. I hope he’ll be OK.
    (I wish this site had a “fanpost” area on the home page… someplace where fans can post new subjects like this. Hate using other sites…)

  • Ryan

    No need to bring down the great name of the General, Sherman Douglas in your game analysis!!!

  • DRJ

    For the record, it’s extremely unlikely now that Kobe will play on Christmas. I would be very, very surprised if that happened.

  • The General played lock down d and was in great shape compared to John Bagley!!!!!!!!!!!

  • beachbumla

    Did anyone else notice that the harder we played last night, the more the refs seemed to help the Pacers stay in the game? It was almost like we were on a tread mill and had to outperform in everyway just to keep it close.

  • GlassHalfFull

    Just talked to a colleague about the Perkins screen/foul @ the end of the game. I had to rewind that about 5 times to make sure I saw what I saw. The ref was looking right at the action the entire time. Pierce did some funky move when he blew past the Perk screen and to me it appeared that the ref would call palming or a travel on Pierce. If PP scores on that drive, its a 3 posession game w/ 2 minutes left and people change the channel. As it was, it didn’t become a 3 possession game for another 90 seconds of game time. How many commercials were shown during timeouts, in-game ads run by Comcast, subliminal buy-this messages being beamed to my brain during the rest of the game? All about the dollars.
    Horrible call but w.g.a.s.?

  • beachbumla

    I agree with GlassHalfFull, except the WGAS… I do and apparently ‘Sheed does also, hence the 10 T’s already (alright 9). If enough people cared, it could change for the better. Google the NBA Nielsen television ratings, for the last decade the NBA has been in serious decline. Why? M.J. is gone, maybe? Most of the people that I know don’t watch the NBA anymore. Questionable legitimacy is a common theme when queried. The NBA is in serious need of a makeover.

  • Al

    Agreed about the reffing. That Scal non call was a laugh – as Tommy said in the call of the game the refs need to get over crap as well as a player does if he gets t’ed up.
    Tim Donaghy went on about how AI got blacklisted for a while after moaning about Steve Javy – he didn’t get a call for a week or 2 – he asked Donaghy during a game how long he was gonna get picked on – his answer “I don’t know what you’re talking about”
    The referees are crap – total crap but we gotta keep playing and keep winning and let them look bad…