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The Morning Dump… Where the lightbulb goes off in Paul Pierce’s head


morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“Dating to the Washington game [Dec. 10], he was playing so well, and
it happens a lot,’’ Rivers said yesterday. “When you are playing well
you start thinking about why you’re playing well and then you start
trying to do that more – ‘Man, I’m getting everybody open.’ So, now I’m
trying to get guys open instead of realizing the reason you’re getting
guys open is because you’re attacking; everyone was helping, and you
were making simple passes, with your instincts. And that’s where he’s
back to. He was pre-determining where guys were going to be instead of
letting his instincts tell him a guy would have been open if he came
off in a scoring mode.’’

Rivers’s message to Pierce to trust his instincts paid off in a 122-104
win over Minnesota Sunday. Pierce scored 29 points and hit 6 of 6 3
pointers to tie a team record. This was Pierce’s best production in
regulation this season – he scored 33 at New York, but he totaled 7
points in overtime.

Globe – Rethinking Thought Process

I believe the scientific term for what ailed Pierce is called 'forcing it.' With most players, 'forcing it' involves taking bad shots. But in Paul's case, he was trying to dictate the offensive flow. The Globe had some revealing stats about Pierce's play of late:

After shooting 50.5 percent and averaging 20 points in the first 16
games, Pierce’s production tailed off over the next nine games. From a
Nov. 29 visit to Miami through the Philadelphia loss, Pierce averaged
13.4 points on 35 for 91 shooting (.379).

On page 2, Doc's dream combination off the bench involves Tony Allen.

“With him and Marquis at 2 and 3, that’s unbelievable,” said Rivers.
“You have a shutdown 3 and a shutdown 2 that you can bring off the

“(He has) better focus now, accepts his role. He realizes he’s not
going to be a 30-point-a-night scorer like every other young guy
believes. He just has to stay in that spot. It happened to Kendrick Perkins when he was younger. You have a 25-point game and you think, You know
what? I am an offensive player, even if those 25 points came off a
great pick and roll or another pass.”

Herald – Tony Allen's Stock on Rise

It's happening. The coaches, players and fans are falling once again for Tony Allen. Enjoy it now, because he will break our hearts, it's just a matter of time.

The rest of the links:

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  • Lex

    Forcing it v. Attacking.
    Not always a bright line.

  • It’s a plain ridiculous idea, but if Bill Walker gets a few competent performances under his belt, I’d like to see TA, Billy, and BBD put out. Again, once all are healthy. We’d have be healthy, but fast break ahoy mate… Unreal potential in that rotation. On that same point, to elaborate further, we’d be massacred on the boards if those three were kept out on the floor too long.

  • Yeaaah…Pierce hasnt played well since his hot start, and i dont see why hes trying to dictate the offense, thats rondos job..But i have noticed when rondo goes out Pierce has to do more of the ballhandling…so i suppose thats what was throwing him off.
    get a damn backup pg or play lester hudson

  • The Truth is Here

    Although Pierce has not played well over the past month or so after an amazing start, I just don’r think we needed him. You all are forgetting that we went on an eleven game win-streak. It was just another players time to step up for a bit, and a team with so many weapons, when people get hot, you have to feed them the rock.
    Of course it was beautiful to watch the way Paul was playing against the T-Wolves, but sometimes, it is just another person’s turn to step up.
    On the subject of PP taking up the ball when Rondo is out, I am a huge fan. I trust him. He makes the right decisions and finds the open man. I like when he plays with the second unit because eddy does not have to worry about point guard responsibilities.

  • Jason

    Doc is right about the front court. Daniels has shown me more defensively than he has offensively and that’s in just a very few plays. Both guys can hold down their man on D and with Daniels handling and running the offense next to TA’s ability to actually penetrate a defense, finally the second unit’s O might have something. We know what we get with House, Sheed and BBD. If those Quis and TA can initiate an offense, plus shut down their counterparts, yeah that’s good stuff.