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Red’s Army spends some time with Rajon Rondo

Me interviewing Rajon 

Last night, I got a chance to hang out with Rajon Rondo.  And by hang out, I mean attend a Dunkin Donuts sponsored event where Rajon Rondo was

Long story short:  A bunch of people who were DD Perks members… which is the Dunkin Donuts version of a rewards card… won a contest to play ball on the Garden floor.  Rondo hung out with them, tossed a few jump balls, made a few comments on the mic with Gary Tanguay, and basically made a bunch of kids' days. 

If you're a coffee addict like me, you can sign up to be a DD Perks member by visiting their website and maybe you can win some cool stuff too.

As for that photo… yeah, that's me interviewing Rajon Rondo… even though you won't hear what he said because my mic went dead.  But here's a look at the hour we had with Rajon Rondo.  The whole night was a good time… and although Rondo is a quiet, reserved guy… you can tell he's having a good time.

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  • G4L

    I have the sudden urge for a Dunkin Donuts Coffee, I don’t know why but all I see is Orange and pink… hmmmmm

  • Yeah.. D&D gave us the hook up. And since my mic crapped out… I figured I’d just have some fun with it.

  • rcry

    I’ve gotten used to how small Rondo looks standing next to KG or Perk. But for whatever reason, your video, with him mingling among people of average height and children, makes him look even tinier. It’s just incredible how someone so little can so fearlessly attack the basket and change the game.
    Great video. mmm.. it made me hungry and thirsty for Dunkin Donuts.

  • Damn, lesson learned

  • I was struck by how underwhelming Rajon looked in person. Like if I didn’t know who he was and I saw him walking down the street… I’d never guess he was an NBA star.

  • Congrats on the interview. Who cares if the mic didn’t work. The thing I wanted to see was this rumored dunk that John did at the Garden. Is it possible that this “dunk” was so lame that John pulled a Lebron with the tape???

  • The dunk was totally lame…. but it was a dunk. Trust me… if I had it on video, it would be the only thing you saw on this site.