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Glen Davis Falling in Love with Sweet Potatoes

Chuck - Red's Army December 22, 2009 Uncategorized 2 Comments


WEEI.com's Jess Camerato asked Glen Davis the million dollar questionHow do you avoid the big calories during the holiday season?

The answer – he has hired a personal chef to cook nutritional meals. Davis gives insight into his diet:

A Disciplined Diet: “I’ll eat an egg white omelette
topped with a piece of French toast, carbs, protein [for breakfast].
Then I’ll lift, work out, do a lot of cardio. I have proportional meals
so now I cut my lunch into half and then I eat it three hours later. I
eat the other half three hours later, and I eat dinner, and I work out.”

Finding New Favorites: “[I eat] steak or fish [for
dinner]. And roasted vegetables. I’ve been falling in love with roasted
sweet potatoes. They’re so good, so good. I could eat them all day,
roasted vegetables.”

Recognizing the Enemy: “Some times you do [pick at
food], but it’s not about picking. It’s about binging, like eating
ridiculous amouts of cookies. That’s when you get in trouble.”

Cookies aren't a problem for me, but keep the Cheez-its away. Those crackers are addicting. I set out ot have a small snack and boom – half the box is gone in 3 minutes.

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  • http://my-healthcareblog.blogspot.com/ Health Care Blog

    Even me myself would get inloved on that delicious-looking, special type of sweet potatoes. Yum-yum!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f5ce367970c celts9

    dude cheezits=crack
    those things are damn addicting