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Your Morning Dump… Where “Good Tony” can be so intoxicating

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“Tony was phenomenal,” coach Doc Rivers
said. “He’s been terrific. He’s just doing the things we need him to
do. This is the best stretch that we’ve had him, as far as with this
group of guys, where he’s playing his role.”

Herad: Tony Allen has an impact

Allen has the potential to be a better wing than James Posey was during
the championship run. He's every bit the defender, and than some, and
what he lacks in a three point shot, he more than makes up for in his
playmaking, slashing, and scoring abilities. Lets hope he can keep it
up (and stay healthy!).

JD, in last night's postgame comments

Should we
be rethinking TA? or is just getting our hopes up before he starts
making bonehead moves again? He's the guy you're afraid to love because
he's broken your heart so many times.

KY Celtics fan, in last night's postgame comments

Tony has been playing great for the C's so far.  It's been the absolute, complete opposite of what we've expected from Tony.  This isn't about low expectations… this is simply a case of a player playing well.

Ahhh… and that's what makes him so infuriating.

I feel like that guy looking at his friend and his girlfriend… and she cycles between "psycho" and "awesome" just enough for everyone to say "man… you gotta dump her before she cuts you"… but also add "but I can see why he stays with her."

There's a reason why all we need to say is "good Tony" and "bad Tony" and everyone knows what we're talking about.  This is Good Tony.  This is why he's still in the league, never mind still on the team.  This is the type of player we all watch and say "oh baby… this guy can be such a matchup problem off the bench".  This is the type of player that will make people say (and I guarantee someone will say this if he keeps it up) "maybe we should start this guy instead of Ray Allen against teams with a great 2-guard for defensive purposes."

But be careful… because the psycho girlfriend will be nice for a while too.  You'll even think about buying her a ring.  And then she'll throw a vase at you out of nowhere when you say "I'm going out to watch the game with the guys"… and you'll come home to a pile of your clothes on fire on the front lawn.

Tony Allen can turn on a dime.  Appreciate "good Tony" while he's here… and hope someone else will take notice soon enough to get some value out of him in a trade.

Up next, Page 2… Where Rondo is mad at himself for costing Pierce a record

“I had no idea, I didn’t know he shot 6 for 6 until I saw him do an
interview,’’ Rondo said. “You know, I looked him off on one, too. The
skip pass to Ray [Allen], Paul said he was open, too. He made sure he told me that right after.’’

Globe: Rondo passes up quite a chance

Reminds of when we had Jalen Rose on The 2 Man Game… and he made sure to let us know that every time a player goes over to talk to his point guard, he's not asking how the family was.  He's making sure the PG know what he missed.

At least Paul didn't go to him mid-game and say "hey, feed me so I can break a record."  Would have been nice though. 

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  • FSantos33

    Trade “Good Tony” ASAP before “Bad Tony” shows up

  • thetitleisours

    It is a contract year so I would keep him all the way this year. But I would at best sign him to a one year deal only from now on.
    If we sign him again to two years bad TA will show up again

  • G4L

    I agree Fsantos… SELL HIGH!! If he could play like this untill Feb.
    TA’s Girl friends must hate him… becasue he must play with thier emotions like he does with ours.

  • Thanks for including our “re-loaded podcast” in the Dump this morning! It’s much appreciated guys!

  • Well said

  • The pass that House makes is the real highlight there…