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Plays of the Week

RedsArmyAdmin December 21, 2009 Uncategorized 3 Comments on Plays of the Week

Every Sunday (or in this case, Monday), we go back over the past week and count down the best
plays. Disagree with the order? Let us know in the comments.

5: Rondo with another alley oop to KG

4: Rondo and Ray Allen combine for 5 points in 5 seconds

3:  Rondo with the sick bounce pass to Tony Allen, who feeds Perk

After the jump, the top 2 plays of the week

2:  Ray Allen hits a 3 at the buzzer in Memphis

1:  Eddie House saves it to Tony Allen, who posterizes Corey Brewer

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  • celtified

    no doubt that House to TA play was #1 but i can’t stop replaying the Rondo pass to TA to Perk. simply beautiful to watch.

  • that pass was sick. I want to write a gushing opus to Rajon’s bounce passes

  • I know I could look this up just as quickly as typing this, but Rondo is NOT left handed, is he?
    I’ve yet to get through that whole game, but Rondo just looks like he’s playing in a game he’s already played. Like he knows where everyone on the court is and is going to. So much fun to watch.