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Paul Pierce is such a momma’s boy

Pierce drives al jefferson

Jess Camerato has this great look at Paul Pierce… and why what you see on the court is a direct result of being inspired by his mother.

An Unexpected Source of Inspiration: Pierce grew up in California as a Lakers fan. No one, however, in purple and gold could top what he learned at home.

“[It was] definitely mom. She was always there when I needed
something. Not as an athlete but period. I get it from her… I
definitely [carry part of her on the court]. Of course she [knows it].
I just got my never-quit attitude from her. My mom didn’t grow up in
the best situations, raising three boys by herself, maintaining three
jobs just to put food on the table. She didn’t look at adversity as
something that would bring her down. She always tried to find a way.”

As usual… a good read.

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