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Your Morning Dump… Where Sheed taught Perk a lesson

Sheed yelling 2

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“That got to me,” said Kendrick Perkins,
who has five T’s on the season and is often at odds with the officials.
“I think that helped me. When that happened to Rasheed, I saw how it
affected our team. It really cost us a game, because if we’d have had
Rasheed we would have won.”

Herald: Doc Rivers offers anger management

"Clearly, there were some tough ones
[Friday night]. But it’s not done on purpose, that’s what I always say,
and we’ve just got to be able to play through it. And, at times, we
don’t. And I don’t think we did a good job of that [Friday] night. We
spent way too much time looking for the officials to bail us out,
instead of just doing our jobs.’’

Doc Rivers, in the Globe: Technical Difficulties for Wallace

The Celtics have what is by now a practically Pavlovian response to a whistle.  There's a spin… arms go out… the pleading starts.  It's pretty much the same every time.  And you know what… if I was a referee… I wouldn't look forward to dealing with that on a regular basis. 

Think of your own jobs.  There might be one meeting… or one person… or one department that, whenever you have to deal with that, you get into a bad mood.  Why wouldn't refs be the same when they have to come into Boston? 

I'm not saying they should be offering up hugs and kisses to the refs whenever they call a foul… but maybe, just maybe, you shouldn't act like EVERY call is a bad one.  I saw the C's arguing legit fouls… and arguing them vehemently. 

Calm down guys.

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  • Lex

    Cost us the game.
    F yeah. I’m glad someone is speaking the truth. The bench is putrid without Mr. T.

  • Lex

    When Mr. T got called for his first personal on Friday, I thought, hmm, did Mr. T just walk away and keep his trap shut?
    We might be seeing some growth here.

  • Lex

    Celtics -13 tonight. Has vegas looked at the scores of the last 6 Celtics Wolves games?

  • maybe it’s the only way they can get anyone to lay cash on the Wolves

  • DRJ

    The funny thing is… that last foul on Sheed was a good call. He did move, a lot, in setting that pick. Which makes his reaction all the stupider.
    But that one time in Q4 when PP was absolutely HAMMERED on the arms and body on a breakaway… and instead of calling a foul they gave the ball to Philly?? That was just unbelievable. Unreal. And right after that, they gave Iggy an and-1 when he literally was not even touched by a Celtic. I mean… how blatant was that bias? Totally. And we have Sheed to thank for it. (Not even going to complain about Kennedy and Richardson… that’s like complaining about bad weather. They stink and should be fired… but it’s out of our control, for now.)

  • Thanks guys


    talk about ron artest exploding for LAKERS what about this guy nobody has talked about this guy exploding and yet hes all barking

  • beachbumla

    Maybe, Rasheed lost control because he realized the NBA’s agenda for the day. Why do you think the ‘company men’ showed up to officiate that game. Did anybody really watch that game? Wake up people!

  • beachbumla

    Rasheed has been thrown out of 30 NBA games in his career. Want to see some really bad officiating, go find some of these ejections on youtube. At least twice Tim Donaghy himself even threw him out…

  • Aaron

    sheed is an idiot. he isnt a superstar anymore but demands to be treated like one.
    also, has anyone noticed all the BS media love affair with perk? he is good, but not great. which of course will suck for the C’s because now his price per year has gone up $2 mil a season. watch