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The Morning Dump… Where the Celtics have a losing swagger

morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here…
highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as
satisfying a good morning dump.

“Execution tonight was awful – I mean, it was awful,” said the
Celtics coach. “Out of timeouts guys were running to the wrong spots,
walking to their spots. We played with this swagger – this losing

“It’s one thing to have the winning swagger where you go out and you
feel great about your team,” he said. “And then there’s another thing
when you just show up and you think the other team’s going to lay over
and fall over because you’re the Celtics.”

Herald – Celtics Day of Reckoning

“Sometimes,’’ said Perkins. “You win
a couple games in a row, you tend to just have this swagger like you
can just walk on the court and just win games.’’

Trying to explain it, the buzz words were “urgency’’ and “execution’’ and “energy’’ or the lack of it.

ball for some reason stopped,’’ said Kevin Garnett, who led the Celtics
with 21 points. “I thin
k our energy [stunk] all night. I think we could
have done a better job of having energy out there.’’

Globe – Celtics Roll to a Stop

Besides DESERVING this loss, I realized about 6 minutes into Q4 that the Cs NEEDED TO LOSE THIS GAME.
They've gotten cocky. They think they're invulnerable. They think they
can mess around, play sloppy, terrible basketball, and still walk away
with a win. Not so, boys, not so. And you should know better by now.
Since you've forgotten… he's a reminder. You lose. To Philly.

These are the eloquent words of Red's Army reader DRJ, posted after last night's loss. As you can tell by reading the quotes from Doc, KG and Perk, DRJ was right on the money.

We best resign ourselves to these types of losses. Despite the fact this team LOST in the playoffs last season, the guys play with the confidence of a repeat champion. We can only hope these lapses don't cost the team home-court advantage or gulp, a playoff series.

On page 2, Doc's reaction to the Rasheed Wallace ejection.

Asked if he was disappointed in the
ejection, Rivers replied: “Yeah, I am. I’m disappointed when anybody
gets thrown out of a game. You know, whether he’s right or wrong
doesn’t matter – you’ve got to control yourself to stay in the game.
But he didn’t. And I didn’t – I wasn’t going to try to stand there and
talk him out of it. He’s a grown man. And, you know, at some point,
it’s him – he understands his value to this team, and his teammates
understand his value to the team, and I think, at some point, that’ll
get to him.

“Listen, I can
[talk to Wallace]. And I will a little bit. But, I’m not going to have
a summit, I can tell you that. It’s too early. He’s been doing it a
long time. He’s an expert at it. But we knew that when we got him, and
I still love him. I think he’s great, he’s been great for our team, but
he’s going to have some of these days.’’

Globe – Wallace Ejection Costly

Wallace did not comment after the game. This is who he is. There will be no change in Wallace.

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  • nick

    can you post the tony allen brake away slam? i know you guys record every game and id love to be able to watch it again thanks

  • DRJ

    I just LOVED his reaction, didn’t you? That awkward but beautiful expression of pure ecstasy, pure joy in the game… it was priceless. Even Perk got up and laughed hard.
    Last night, TA was infinitely more valuable to his team, and a lot more fun, than Sheed was.

  • DRJ

    Damn… I HATE when I post typos. And then to have it quoted… ayayay! (I wrote “he’s a reminder”, instead of “here’s”… was pretty mad at the time too.)
    Oh well… Rasheed’s infantilism, Bill Kennedy, typos… shit happens.

  • nick

    i love TA, it looks like his heads back in the game, he played flawless last night. man i would love to see him get it going again with those explosive jams and lock down d like he had on iggy last night.

  • I thought Tonys reaction was embarrasing….is he actually mentally challenged?
    I dont know if perk was laughing with him or at him

  • Ive noticed that “losing swagger” in this time every so often, where they think all they have to do is show up…
    they arent a good home team right now because thats where it shows up

  • DRJ

    …And I remember it showing up last year too, from time to time. What’s with that? This is a mature team, supposedly. Why do they have to go through the same process, over and over and over again. If it’s so obvious to all of us… that any NBA team can win any game, that you must always hustle to win, that the losing swagger is just that (losing)… why isn’t it obvious to them?
    To be fair, I am excluding KG from all this. He NEVER stops trying hard. Interestingly too, the refs give him a lot of respect, even when they’re sticking it to the rest of the team. Right in the middle of the WORST part of last night… when they were making sure the Cs got shafted on every call on both sides of the court at the end Q4… they still gave KG his foul when he was pushed (rather lightly, but still pushed) from behind by the defender.