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Pierce: Sheed needs to “slow it down”

Sheed yelling

Chris Forsberg has a big rundown of today's practice… including how Paul and the guys might have a chat with Sheed.

Pierce said he's not overly concerned with what transpired, but with
Wallace now at 10 technical fouls through 25 games, Pierce does hope he
slows it down a bit moving forward.

"You know Rasheed is going to be Rasheed," said Pierce. "The one
thing we don't want to get to is the point where he's suspended for
games. I'm sure a couple of us will talk to him, [because] he's almost
as the number and we're not even halfway through the season. Sixteen
gets you suspended, so we'll tell him to slow it down a little bit
until the end of the season."

You guys do that.  Let's see how that goes.  Maybe Doc's inspirational text message will help:

That's the text message Rivers said he sent a couple players after
Friday's game, though he wouldn't confirm if one was Wallace.

"He who angers you, owns you," said Rivers. "I'm trying that this
year. If you don't get angry, you can just keep functioning. I actually
texted that to a couple guys last night, just hoping that becomes our
team mantra right now. Let's breathe.

So this is where we are?  Out goes UBUNTU and in comes "He who angers you, owns you"?  I guess it's all about baby steps right now.  

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  • does anyone really think its a problem if he gets suspended? having him sit out one game during the regular season wouldnt be a big deal at all
    the problem is, is that nothing sheed can do besides stop talking all together will keep him from getting technicals; if donaghy’s even half right about the officials holding grudges and treating players different than it is entirely too late for rasheed to worry about getting technicals
    officials come into every game of the C’s looking to give the perk and sheed tecs because of the perception they hold of them from what they have seen through personal experience, second hand knowledge, and from what they hear from various media
    its bad enough that the refs are effected subconsciously, but when they go into games openly letting perceptions and pre interactions they had with players and coaches dictate their actions, thats when they threaten the integrity of the game, and begin to take the outcomes of games away from the players and coaches and into their own hands

  • DRJ

    Refs have been doing that in the NBA for a long time. It’s a dirty sport, the dirtiest of all the majors. If not for the Cs, I really wouldn’t follow it at all. All because of the refs.
    And you know this crap goes on everywhere, not just with the Cs. If you saw the last Rockets-Mavs game… the calls were unbelievable. And so it goes…
    (All the more reason not to piss off the refs. Sheed must change, or the team will suffer.)

  • DRJ

    Your last paragraph hits home.
    That was the thing about Posey… he was a great glue guy. He kept it real, and fun, and focused. Always a hug before the game. Always knew how to deal with the refs.
    Cs need to be careful not to let Rasheed’s attitude drag them down. It could, because he’s a powerful personality. If anything, they need to prevail upon him to change his ways… certainly, hopefully, absolutely NEVER the other way around.
    I’m a little worried that the exchange of Ubuntu for this (pretty obvious, pretty lame, pretty tweener-level) texted words of “wisdom”… is a sign of, or a beginning of, that other way around.