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Doc wants to give fans the high school hoops experience

Doc's got a very interesting idea for what the D-League should become.

"I hope some day every team does have [their own minor league] team,"
said Rivers. "There would be a javyee game, literally, before our game.
I think that would be terrific. You can play a guy, then dress him for
that night, just like you did in high school, where you play for the
jayvee and varsity. I think that would be good for our league. I think
the fans would get a chance to see some of the guys you drafted."

That would be interesting.  It will never happen… but it's interesting.  Aside from ticketing issues that help pay for those teams… you can't expect fans to sit through 2 full professional games.  Regardless, I like the thought.  You have each team with its own team in close proximity so fans can experience both teams.  They almost have that with the Red Claws… which allows the team to shuttle guys back and forth.

"I haven't look at [Maine's] schedule, but the original plan was to let [Lester Hudson] play a couple games — miss this one [against Philadelphia] — and
come back," said Rivers. "But he's played great and he's playing, so
that's a benefit as well."

I like that these guys can get some experience and playing time and be back in Boston in about a couple of hours. 

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  • i would love to see that happen, but as long as david stern is around, the league probably won’t be making any changes. could happen someday though.

  • zippittyay

    I could definitely see it happening sometime soon on a promotional basis for a game or two…

  • Anyone else notice that docs always sneakily throwing out great ideas like this to the media, i wonder if he has any aspirations of wanting to be commish some day? i think he would actually do a great job by listening to his ideas through the media
    another example besides this, not suspending guys during the playoffs, rather the next season, as he threw out their during last years playoffs