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‘Tis the Season for…. laughing at the Knicks


If you need a good laugh, read up on the Knicks.

The Knicks blew up last night because of their love of the 3-point
shot. They blew a 17-point lead and the Nate Robinson controversy is on
the verge of blowing up, too.

Coach Mike D'Antoni stuck to his
guns and stubbornly didn't play Robinson for the seventh straight game,
despite Larry Hughes' groin injury and the Knicks desperately needing
an offensive jolt.

The night began with a glow as the Knicks
built a 25-8 lead and it ended with the club dubiously setting a piece
of history. The Knicks set the franchise's all-time record for 3-point
attempts with 47 3-point bombs in a hideous 98-89 defeat last night to
the Bulls for their second straight loss.

"They think it's always personal," D'Antoni said before the Knicks'
98-89 loss to the Bulls at the United Center. "I don't know a coach yet
that says, you know what, I don't like him [and] I'd rather lose. That
doesn't work. I'd play Satan himself if I could win. I got no morals or

"I'm judged if we win or lose," D'Antoni added.
"There is nothing else. You win enough, you stay, you lose enough,
you're gone."

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  • G4L

    Goes to show you how lucky we are to have a smart Decision maker like Danny Ainge & a Ownership group that sticks by him.

  • Actually, the Knicks have been playing well lately. You’ve got to understand that this team is fairly young. Only one player over 30 and Harrington turning 30 in Feb. So we have some learning to do about consistency.
    We have some good young players in Gallinari, Chandler, and Hill (I believe Hill will be as good or better than Lee)and Douglass (I believe can develop to be be a chauncey billups)
    Take any of those stars you mentioned off their teams and the Knicks are better than any of those teams

  • Antoinew8

    In asking why in the world Lebron, Wade, or Bosh would want to go to the KNICKS next year(or the Nets for that matter), you’re obviously already forgotting that just three years ago the celtics were in just as bad a shape as the knicks and with just adding two key players they turned it immediately around and became the best team in the east going on three years now (Minus KG’s injury time) If you add Wade and Bosh to the KNicks, or LeBron and Bosh, or Joe Johnson and Bosh even, the Knicks (or Nets)immediately become a team to be reckoned with.
    And yes i know that mentally this knicks team is much different and volitile than the young Celtics team was three years ago, but they do have a good coach in D’antoni, and their GM is only in his first year with the team, so other than the guys he resigned and brought in on one year contracts this season to fill out the roster, Donnie Walsh is not to blame for this disaster, and has proven in the past that he knows how to build a solid team in Indi. (Eddy Curry, Chris Duhon, Al Harrington, Larry Hughes, David Lee, Darko, Cuttino Mobley, and Nate Robinson are all on one year contracts and all should be gone next year, except Lee)
    SO the Knicks could drop all those one year contracts except Lee, sign LeBron and Bosh, pick up a few bottom dollar free agents like the Celtics did that first year with Eddie House and James Posey, and the Knicks will already be better than the Cavs are now. They could look like this:
    C – David Lee
    PF – Chris Bosh
    SF – Wilson Chandler
    SG – LeBron James
    PG – Luke Ridnour or Raymond Felton
    C – Udonnis Hasslem
    SG – Quentin Richardson
    SF – Danillo Gallinari
    PF – Jordan Hill
    SF – Jared Jeffries
    SG – Tony Douglas
    Throw in the fact that they could win the lottery too and get the great John Wall as their PG. If that happend everyone would come play there, so don’t automatically call a LeBRon, Wade, bosh to NY/NJ a longshot of an idea just because now things look bleek there. Open your eyes and see the possible big picture that could fall into place for this to happe. Plus we see LeBron has a HUGE EGO!!! so he wants to have HIS team and NY/NJ could give that to him again.
    I like the Nets ability to rebuild faster though. With Brook Lopez and Devin Harris already there, those are two giant pieces that if JUST LeBron or Wade goes there, they could be great. They could look like this through the same aboved synario mentioned.
    C – Brook Lopez
    F – Chris Bosh
    F – LeBron James
    G – Courtney Lee
    G – Devin Harris
    F – Yi Jianlian
    G – Terrence Williams
    G – Keyon Dooling
    F – Eduardo Najera
    C – Josh Boone
    Even if you sign a Jermine Oneal level guy instead of Bosh at the PF spot, this team is already better than the Cavs are. With Bosh there’d be four all-stars on the team. Does LeBron have four all-stars now, or ever? No, just him, a fake all-star in mo williams, and a hasbeen all-star in shaq. Do you still think LeBron to the Knicks and Nets is a stupid idea? I don’t.
    Sorry for the long post, made even longer by this apology. Ha Ha.

  • trollificus@yahoo.com

    That’s stupid. Really stupid.
    You make up a bunch of imaginary signings and drool over an imaginary lineup. Are you now counting imaginary wins?? Hanging up an imaginary championship banner? Talk about getting ahead of yourself.
    Oh, and the Knicks don’t own their #1 pick next year, moron. How could you not know that?? Or in your imaginary march to the title, do the Jazz give the pick back because its daughter needs medical treatment?