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The Big 3 Things of the Week

RedsArmyAdmin December 18, 2009 Uncategorized Comments Off on The Big 3 Things of the Week

Every week, we look at the Big Three things happening in Celtics-land,
good and bad, and we rank them… Because we don't have the attention span to do a 12 days of Christmas thing

On The Way Up

1: The long and winding road: So what if the teams the C's beat on their way to 11 straight wins are about 50 games under .500 combined?  20-4 is 20-4.  And right now, the only teams with that record are us… and the Lakers (click here to add dramatic sound effect)

2: Back in MY day:  Kevin McHale basically calls today's NBA players a bunch of pussies… which is awesome.  If only he could follow that up by clotheslining LeBron. 

3: Next step, thumb wrestling:  Glen Davis is a couple weeks away from coming back…. and he's playing Madden to get his thumb back into shape. 

On The Way Down

3: Don't carry a grudge or anything:  Brad Miller doesn't think revenge is a dish best served cold.  He thinks it should be served frozen a year after it was made.  At least he doesn't hit very hard.

2: Ole'!:  The C's still have problems staying in front of guys and tests like Orlando on the road coming up.  Here's hoping they're not lulled into a false sense of confidence by their recent success.

1: Doc is just killing me:  Actually, this has nothing to do with anything bad happening this week… but 2 straight midweek days off give us no storylines.  Dammit, Doc… throw me a friggin bone here. 

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